January 2017
Welcome New Staff Members
Candice Mendoza has joined the staff of Red Door Catering.  Candice is a single mother of two boys and a graduate of the Doors of Hope program. She has experienced much hardship, including the death of her mother while she was incarcerated, homelessness, and losing custody of her children.  She suffered with addiction, but was finally treated for a mental illness no one knew she had and has been clean and sober for eleven months.  Candice will be working closely with her trusted friend and mentor, Mary Katherine Jordan, director of Red Door Catering.  

Therapeutic Community at the Rutherford Co. Correctional Work Center

Doors of Hope launched a new initiative with the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center on January 9 that will further their mission and greatly enhance the collaborative relationship that already exists between the two organizations.  The re-entry program, a voluntary corrections-based program for women, will incorporate elements of the “Therapeutic Community” approach.  Up to sixteen participants will occupy a separate housing space at the work center facility while in the program.  TC participants receive six hours of structured programming per day, involving progressive stages of treatment designed to guide participants through recovery absent the challenges often associated with the typical incarceration culture. Participants commonly earn greater responsibilities or incentives as they progress through treatment. Services offered by the program include assessment, individual and group counseling, drug and alcohol education, twelve-step groups, high school equivalency tutoring and prep, and transitional planning. 


Volunteers Needed
Doors of Hope needs 6-8 volunteers to be “letter-writers” for clients in Therapeutic Community. There are 13 women nearing release from the Rutherford County Correctional Work Center who will be involved in classes 18 hours a week.  They will be working toward not only acquiring more education, but increasing self-esteem, self-management, self-awareness, emotional stability, and goal setting in an intensive, multi-faceted self-improvement routine. Letter-writers would send a card or letter once a week. It is completely anonymous. Please contact Maridel Williams at opendoorsofhope@gmail.com for more information.

Also needed are volunteers willing to serve on the Firefly Supper committee. Members would be instrumental to the planning as well as fundraising related to the event, held in October.  Please contact Marcie Richmond at marcie.richmond0606@gmail.com for more information. 

Have you checked out the new Red Door Catering website? Click on the link below to view their Seasonal Menu as well as their Catering Menu.

The Red Door is the Doors of Hope entrepreneurial endeavor, providing a safe work environment for the women in their program.   

Red Door Catering event at Daffodilly Design in December.
Community Foundation
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, a charitable organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life in 40 middle Tennessee counties and beyond, has announced $1,985,877 in grants to 328 nonprofit organizations.  

Doors of Hope received a grant to provide services for female clients immediately after they leave incarceration or residential drug rehabilitation.
Our Mission:
Doors of Hope assists and empowers those strugling to build a new life after incarceration, beginning the journey toward wholeness in recovery.

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