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Creating wood, marble and stone effects with powder. Really.
And we're not talking about poor imitations or wood laminate effect circa 1989. This looks like the real deal and offers an interesting, environmentally friendly, tough and hardworking finishing option. Quality Powder Coating, professional architectural grade powder applicators based in Texas who work on projects all over North America, have mastered this clever process. The range of effects is
huge. Computer generated patterns including wood, marble, granite, water, bubbles, carbon fiber and even personal logos are created using world class powder coating and clever application technique.
Due to the quality of the pretreatment, powder coating and the sublimation process itself, the finished product offers excellent durability and can be used for interior, exterior, and high traffic architectural applications. Coating architectural grade aluminum also provides design freedom and flexibility. The weight restrictions traditionally associated with using wood or stone are removed and it allows beautiful natural looks to be used in projects where building code may require metal or fire code that prohibits wood.
"Putting wood grain or patterned effects on to metal substrates has been fully embraced by the design world," explains Jim Hester, Sales Director at Quality Powder Coating. "It allows creative flexibility and offers a competitive cost option that designers love and we have seen it used to amazing effect on interiors, storefront and more."
Of course using powder coating also means that the design also benefits from the sustainability advantages that other finishes simply can't offer. These include no VOCs, no toxic compounds, and an unbeatable LEED Environmental Product Declaration score. As the environmentally responsible choice, IFS powders offer all of that and more.
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Color trends 2016. Helping you choose beautiful colors for your clients
It's always interesting to look at color trends and see what people who work with color every day think is going to happen. A crystal ball would be great (and not just for predicting color trends!) but as we are most definitely lacking in the crystal ball department, instead we put together our color trend collection based around 5  societal trends that we see happening in the world around us. Each of the 5 trends has a color palette of 10-12 colors that reflect that trend. Clearly not every color is going to work for every application, but they offer great inspiration and the trends themselves are an interesting talking point. Here's a brief introduction to each of our trends:
Looking back, moving forward
T his trend is built around the concept that we have a huge appreciation of the past and as we value
more and more what we had before, we look to build it into our current lives. Understanding the past enables us to move forward. The colors and effects in this trend are a collection of rich, muted, pigmented colors from a warm gold to a rich purple with deep, inviting berry colors rounding off the palette. Warm, friendly and tried and tested, these gorgeous shades are inspired by the past and handcrafted products and materials. They also work well together or alone.
Health to happiness
This trend looks at how we now fully comprehend the links between health and happiness and how
we are even moving from fitness and nutrition, to balancing the mind and body. The idea of wellness - a more holistic approach to how we are and how we feel - has become cool.
This color trend embodies the calm shades that inspire us to slow down and relax, including neutrals with a hint of color and soft soothing shades that balance, renew and restore.
Eye to mouth
This trend centers around the fact that though technology has given rise to what is being called a
new visual generation
a rebellion is occurring and now the use of words and numeric figures is increasingly trendy. The colors in this trend are again mid tone but utilize delicious inky blues, pencil and charcoal greys, soft browns and faded creams reminiscent of traditional parchment. Texture is also important, with the tactile element representing the rich descriptors that words provide.
Power of play
The notion of games and play has been increasing over the last few years. Games are now
everywhere and are impacting many different aspects of our lives from the way our kids learn, to how we do business and society in general. Unsurprisingly, the colors in this trend are bright, energetic, fun and eye catching, though they still retain the muted, mid tone look of the other palettes. A delicious coral pink sits next to a mustard based yellow and a warm orange, while some deep, blue toned greens round off the collection nicely.
What is too much?
In the western world, generally speaking, we have a lot of "stuff". From the industrial revolution,
mass production and the internet - 3 society, world changing things that made "stuff" available to us all - we now have an abundance of things and information. But do we now have too much?
The colors in this trend are shown in abundant, bright vivid shades. Warm red and orange tones again run through this palette, but there are some bright complimentary shades including a translucent blue and scrumptious purple, that really make it pop.
NEW architectural colors available on the IFS architectural color card
Have you got your copies of the IFS architectural brochure and color card? The in-depth,
informational brochure covers everything you need to know about choosing architectural powders, including an outline of which powders will perform to each AAMA specification, warranties and more. The color card features 26 gorgeous solid, metallic and anodic style shades and is real powder on aluminum chips, so you can see exactly what the color will look like.
Don't forget custom color creation is also available free of charge to architects.
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Diamond Collection sparkles with colors for interiors 
In early March, Polychem launched the sparkling Diamond Collection. The Diamond Collection features 15 classic black, white and clear coat powders with varying degrees of shimmer and sparkle.
Created using Polychem's signature polyester technology, t he Diamond Collection is comprised of 6
whites, 6 blacks and 3 clear coats which also range from matte to full gloss. The sparkles span from delicate silver shimmers to gold, red and even green metallic that bring something special to the deep black shades.
"The Diamond Collection was born from designers and coaters requesting simple, classic shades with a vast array of sparkles added," commented Lauren Bayer, Polychem Manager. "There seems to be a real trend for what we call metallic at the moment, and the Diamond Collection captures it perfectly."
The Polychem Diamond Collection is perfect for interior applications requiring real depth in a beautiful powder coated finish. Bayer continues "I was amazed at the subtle difference these powders can bring to a piece. When I first viewed some of the shades in the Diamond collection they were inside and were interesting with a little shimmer, but as soon as I saw them in direct sunlight they really sparkled, just like a diamond."
The Polychem Diamond Collection is available in flexible quantities as low as 5lb, with free sample panels shipped out within 2 days.
Home is where the heart is
IFS and Sierra Pacific team up to create beautiful residential windows

Sierra Pacific, manufacturers of beautiful, sustainability managed wood clad windows, understand that more than any other architectural element, windows reflect the unique personality and charm of
a home. To ensure beautiful aesthetics as well as great protection,
IFS Architectural Powders are used to add a gorgeous protective finish to their wood clad products. The carefully chosen color palette, created in IFS 500FP Fluoropolymer powders, which meet and exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605, adds the coordinating touch that make the windows feel like home. IFS Architectural powders are perfect for residential, commercial and monumental applications - talk to your IFS representative for more details.
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Take notice!
JS Signs creating custom, powder coated signage that really stands out from the crowd.
Powder coatings come in many different product types - from the high performance, AAMA 2605
compliant architectural grade powders, to powders created in different chemistries and formulated specifically for end uses such as signage.

JS Signs, in Manhattan, KS, specializes in creating unique signage that really stands out. "It's amazing the different types of powders that are available for different applications. This gives me the flexibility to choose the right product for my customer's needs. We take pride in creating a unique, on brand product for our customers so w ith thousands of powder coating colors to choose from, making sure my clients get exactly what they need is never a problem" comments John Stroh.
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