"He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness  for his name's sake."
--Psalm 23:3

Hello all. After three seasons of woodland restoration efforts, the woodlands are bouncing back nicely! I would like to give special thanks to Steve Capaul and Marsha Workman for all their support and help over the last 3 seasons; not to mention all other volunteers who have cleared buckthorn and planted shrubs and trees. A special thanks to Julie Wilke and Jean Peterson for their support and updates to the congregation.
Finally, a very special thanks to Anthony Cortilet, State Weed Specialist from the Department of Agriculture who has provided much guidance over the last 5 years and who was kind enough to do a walkthrough of our woodlands last fall, etc. This same thanks goes to Jake Froyum from Prairie Restoration who is also extremely knowledgeable about woodland restoration work and has provided much advise throughout the years and who's firm provides ongoing seasonable weed control services. Couldn't have done it without you all!  
  • 8 mature trees have been planted.
  • 2 young white pines have been planted
  • 10-12 mature native shrubs have been planted.
  • Seedlings of grass, sedge and plants such as Golden Star Sedge, Eastern Star Sedge, Hayscented Fern, Wild Bleeding Heart, Marginal Wood Fern, Jacob's Ladder, Foamflower, Culver's Root, Bottlebrush Grass, Leadplant, Pennsylvania Sedge, Long Beaked Sedge, Plantain Leaved Sedge, Prairie Dropseed and New Jersey Tea have been planted.
  • Plans are being made for a future Woodland Hosta garden next season.
  • A variety of potted grass and plants/flowers including Virginia Wild Rye seed, Silky Wild Rye, Virginia Wild Rye, Little Blue Stem and Bottlebrush grass have been planted.
  • A broad seed mixture of woodland edge/Savanna grasses and flowers were broadcasted into various locations.
  • A No Mow Grass Seed Mixture of fine fescue grasses naturalized to woodlands has been broadcasted into various locations as a means of weed control and beautification. 
  • Up to 1000' of mulched trails have been laid down.
  • This coming spring a variety of native tree seedlings 18-24" tall will be planted throughout the woods such as Black Cherry and Red Oaks along with a variety of additional woodland shrubs will be planted.
  • We anticipate preparing 1-2 areas each season for restoration work in the Central and South end sections of woodlands.
Phillip Workman (TLO--Grade 8) will be leading an Eagle Scout group project in the construction of an outdoor classroom for use by TLO teachers for studies and for chapels.  It will consist of a lectern surrounded by several benches which is anticipated to hold 40-80 people depending on the layout design.  A cross will be featured in this area.  Phillip is currently fundraising for this project. If anyone is interested in donating funds towards this project; please contact Marsha Workman .   Thank you Phillip!!!!
Prior to Phillip starting his  work here, there will be a clearing out of excess brush, fallen trees, smaller invasive trees, etc. that can be chipped up and laid down as paths. 
*Dave Workman will be providing his Tractor to move around his 9" Chipper to clear excess brush, invasive trees and dead standing trees, but needs a separate trailer to transport tractor.Contact Dave if you can be of help!!  There will be a push for volunteers to help out some Saturday morning in April.
Additionally a fire pit will be created for use in the north end of woods for Youth and congregational events and gatherings. More on this later.
In Christ,
Will Traeger

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