Trinity Lone Oak School Forest 
is a 
School Forest Program
in partnership with 
Trinity Lone Oak Lutheran Church
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

The transformation of the Woodlands is in its 4 th season.  Below is its history and its future.

Once Upon A Time in an age unknown, yet for many years, there was Buckthorn. Most unyielding it was. Aggressively spreading, it cast shadow and darkness upon the land, wiping out most everything in its path!
Yet there came a time when the men and women of TLO, and with great determination and resolve, said "it is time". They staked out their claim and on August 28, 2013 they spoke with one unified voice; "Be gone, ye Buckthorn!" And it was so.

There then came light, the light of the sun; which brought with it new life, new growth and new possibilities.
And thus it came to pass they steadfastly transformed their lands. What was once Buckthorn Forest now became a woodland full of hope and promise.
And the Lord blessed them with 350+ new grasses, flowers and sedges in springtime, and during the heat of summer two woodland trees. It thus seemed fitting that after careful preparation and thankfulness the Lord once again blessed them with 425 more grasses, Sedges flowering plants and shrubs.
The Lord yet blessed  them further with one stately lone White Pine, caged for protection, that it might grow tall and wide over the land.
And thus the season came to pass. They now wait, with great anticipation, the rebirth of Christ's beautiful creation come next spring. A most bountiful harvest...

This Fall of 2017  further eradication of buck thorn  seedlings continues while additional  invasive  Siberian Elm trees continue to be cut down.
This October a walk through of woods with DNR representative will provide additional 2018 restoration recommendations.  Tentatively the plan for 2018 is:
  • Strategic seeding of select "test" spots.
  • Selective spot weed control via application of PreenĀ® while putting down a thin layer of mulch to keep moisture in soil, keep soil cool, limit weeds and to keep PreenĀ® in place so new plantings might grow and mature.
  • Anticipate planting additional trees and shrubs early next season.
  • Come September 2018, plant 200-300+ additional grass, sedge and flower plugs.
  • Three 2000 sq. ft. areas that were seeded with native grasses this last spring will continue to be brush cut down to keep weeds from going to seed as they become established. These areas are making great progress. 

Special thanks to those who assisted with the mulching and watering of new plantings. Thanks to Pastor for organizing a hard working group of Confirmands and their parents. Thanks to those others during the month of September 2017 and earlier who also gifted their time and talents to bring new life to our woods not to mention the  extensive administrative support provided by Jean Peterson throughout the season with her encouragement.
A special thanks also to those who donated funds to the Forest Restoration Account.  These  donations are greatly appreciated both now and ongoing. So far 50% of incurred expenses have been  offset relative to purchases made in August and September.   
Most of all we give thanks to our Lord Jesus for His grace and blessings as He sustains us; our woodlands and guides us in all our Forest Restoration efforts.  
Thanks for a most successful season!!!
In Christ,
Will Traeger
Forest Restoration Coordinator