Woods College Eagles' Edition
The Woods College Eagles Edition is a monthly newsletter intended to provide you with the most up to date and important information from the Woods College.

Greetings from the Woods College! 

Boston College is a beautiful campus all year and in particular in Autumn.  
We hope you are having a wonderful semester!

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WCAS  Colloquium


The Woods College is hosting a colloquium on the subject of Ignatian-Based Ethical Leadership. Invited speakers will address the question of what the Ignatian tradition tells about the nature of ethical leadership, and the question of how educators can best instill Ignatian ethical principles in their students.
The keynote speaker is Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership: Best Practices from a 450-Year-Old Company that Changed the World (2003). Other speakers include Joan Lee (Fairfield University) and Sarah Cabral (CSOM).
The event will run from 1PM to 6PM in Fulton Hall 145.  Please contact Evan Clarke at  evan.clarke@bc.edu  for further information or RSVP here.

Student Spotlight

Elizabeth Centofanti
Master of Science in Leadership & Administration, May 2017 

Elizabeth works in Financial Services at RTN Federal Credit Union.  She received a recent promotion, in part due to her graduate work at BC. 
Elizabeth's perspective on the Woods College:

"As a child, it was my lifelong dream to attend Boston College.  Year after year, I  cheered at football games with my parents and grandparents - proud alumni and season ticket holders. Though  an opportunity to play in Division One athletics drove me to attend a different university, I still carried great pride in Boston College.  When faced with the decision of where to attend graduate school, there was no question. The university focuses on challenging students academically, and it also helps to form them socially and emotionally. The networking connections are unparalleled. I am honored to count myself among my Boston College family."
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Sarah Says...
A monthly piece of advice from long term BC Woods College employee, Sarah Piepgrass, Academic & Student Services Specialist:

Even though it might be a bit of a challenge for Woods College students to arrange times to get together with classmates in a study group, try scheduling a time to stay after class even for just an hour. Reviewing homework assignments, comparing class notes, and sharing observations with your fellow students can be invaluable. With a study group, you can enrich each other and increase your subject knowledge, all of which can hopefully result in a great grade in the course!

Woods in the News
Comtrade Software, a leading provider of enterprise IT infrastructure and application management, monitoring and data protection solutions, recently announced its new global headquarters in Boston and new members of its Boston area Board of Directors. 
Kevin Powers , J.D., the Program Director of the Woods College Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance Program, was one of three new Boston members.  Read more.

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Volume I; Issue 2