Woods College Eagles' Edition
September 2016
The Woods College Eagles Edition is a monthly newsletter intended to provide you with the most up to date and important information from the Woods College.

Greetings from the Woods College! 

We hope your semester is off to a wonderful start. Please read the below updates and announcements.

A reminder of the Woods College hours during the fall semester: 
  • Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 7pm
  • Friday, 8:30am to 5pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 11am 
Please visit us in St. Mary's Hall with questions or concerns!

Stay Connected
  • Stay connected to and promote the Woods College through Social Media. Follow the new  Woods College LinkedIn Page, our  Twitter Feed, and  Facebook Page.  Comment on, share, or like Woods College posts.  
  • Recently secured a new job or promotion, presented at a symposium or conference, or participated in research reports, articles, or internships/practicums, etc?  Forward your good news to the Enrollment Management Department so we can share your success with other students and faculty. Or, interested in participating in advertising efforts for the Woods College as a student profile? Contact us directly: advancingstudies@bc.edu
Intent to Graduate 
    December Grads!  T he deadline for December 2016 Graduates to verify their Diploma Names on Agora Portal (go to "Diploma Name Information - View/Update" in your Agora menu) is September 16th.   Students must  fill out an  Intent to Graduate Form  by September 23rd. This allows us to confirm your graduation requirements. 
Student Spotlight
Galen Allis
BA English Major, projected graduation 2019

Galen works full time at a Traffic & Transportation Engineering Firm in Boston (Howard Stein Hudson), and commutes completely by public transportation - from Watertown to Boston, Boston to Brighton Campus, and then Campus back home to Watertown. Even with all of this running around, she's managed to be on the Dean's List most semesters. 

Galen's perspective on the Woods College:

"I graduated high school in 2003, and have since floundered around trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I lived in California for six years attending school off and on, but felt unsatisfied with the path I was on. Being on my own with no college degree has been difficult to manage financially. I moved home in 2009 and explored education options again before being introduced to the Woods Colllege by my fiancé. For the first time I feel optimistic and confident about my future, and look forward to what my English degree will offer towards a career that I can be excited about...The roller-coaster of life has spun me through twists and turns where I expected the worst, but still hoped for the best. Now that I have explored the many interests that I had throughout my life, and have gained so much knowledge from all of the wonderful and daunting experiences in my past, I have a better understanding of who I am and who I want to be. I believe I have a strong grasp of what type of career would make me happy, and allow me to flourish most to achieve the fulfilling life I always hoped to have. I know what I love, and what I love is to write."
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Sarah Says...
A monthly piece of advice from long term BC Woods College employee, Sarah Piepgrass, Academic & Student Services Specialist:

Woods College Rule to Live By:  "ACTIVATE YOUR BC EMAIL AND MONITOR IT CONSTANTLY!!  Any time anyone at BC wants to contact you, your BC email will be the means used. This includes messages from the Woods College office, Student Services, professors, and fellow students.  If you keep BC things in the BC email, you're more likely to see and be able to respond suitably to official communiqués. OF COURSE, THIS MEANS YOU MUST MONITOR THE BC EMAIL AT LEAST ONCE A DAY (which of course, is in your own best interest anyway :) )."

Woods in the News
Boston.com recently featured BC Woods Alum, Opticianry Professor Blair Wong, who is blind, and how he is teaching the next generation of eye care professionals

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