CTS Seeking Our "Most Valuable Performer"
MVP Award: Cold Hard Cash!

Chris Carmichael and CTS are looking for our "Most Valuable Performer"! All new and renewing CTS Athletes at the Select and Premium Coaching Package levels are eligible for the award, meaning every athlete who signs up has a chance to earn a check for the full amount of your coaching package! That's right, if you're selected as the CTS MVP, we'll write you a check for up to $3465!

Winning is easy. All you have to do is tell us what you want to accomplish, work with your CTS Coach, and then tell us your story at the end of your 12-month coaching experience!

You don't have to win the Tour de France or an Ironman. You don't have to win - or even enter - any competition. This is about setting goals, challenging yourself, committing to your training and your relationship with a coach, working through adversity, and making progress.

It's time to get paid for pursuing your athletic, fitness, and lifestyle goals!


  • Sign up or renew for a 12-month Coaching Package at the Select or Premium level.
  • Fill out a quick questionnaire to establish your goals and tell us what you want to accomplish.
  • Work with your Coach. If your goals change during the course of the year, that's fine. We're looking for improvement, engagement, commitment, perseverence, resilience, and a positive outlook.
  • Submit your story at the end of 12 months and tell us why you should be named the "CTS Most Valuable Performer".
  • Chris Carmichael will review the questionnaires, training histories, and stories from all candidates. He will also interview your coach, and then make his selection and write you a big, fat check.


Since coaching is a collaborative endeavor, the CTS Coach who works with the CTS Most Valuable Performer will also win a cool $1000! 

There are just a couple of rules:

  • All normal terms and conditions for 12-month Select and Premium Coaching Packages apply.
  • Athletes who cancel their coaching packages at any time during the 12-month package are ineligible for the award.
  • Renewal at the end of the 12-month coaching package is not required, nor will renewing increase your chances of being selected for the award. (But we hope you'll continue working with your coach either way.)

Call 866-355-0645 for details and to sign up.

“The experience of being coached is much more than receiving a training plan. I want you to experience everything that coaching has to offer, and I am going to handsomly reward the coach/athlete team that best exemplifies what coaching is all about!"
- Chris Carmichael, CEO and Head Coach of Carmichael Training Systems