Are You Eligible for a One Year Follow-Up Assessment? 

One year after participating in a workshop, your worksite is eligible to complete a one year follow-up assessment. This assessment is similar to the pre-workshop assessment, and serves as an amazing free resource for you!  

Upon completion, you are provided a comparative report, showing the progress made in the past year. This is an excellent tool to that can be used to further strengthen your wellness plan and efforts as well as show progress/benefit to executives. 

How long are the assessments? 
Like the pre-workshop assessment, these are short assessments that take approximately 10 minutes. 

How do you complete the assessments?
The WorkWell KS team emails out a link to the main worksite contact one year from your participation in a workshop. There are follow-up assessments for all of our workshops. (Foundation, Physical Activity, Food and Beverage, Tobacco, and Well-Being) 

Did you miss your chance to take advantage of this resources?
If it's been one year since you participated in a workshop and you don't believe your worksite recieved a link, email,

Not only does the follow-up assessment serve as a great resource for you, but the completion rate can impact our ability to continue this work and provide you with free training, support and resources! Please complete the assessments when you receive the link or connect with us to get one if you may have missed it!
Get Registered for an Upcoming Regional Workshop
The 2017 Regional Fall Workshops are Open for Registration!

There are a number of opportunities for you and your wellness committee to participate in a workshop this Fall.  
To register:

Step 1  - Go to         
Step 2   - Go to the date on the calendar of the workshop that you are Interested in for more                        details and to register.                          
Upcoming WorkWell KS Webinars

During this webinar participants will learn about the impact employee chronic disease has on their worksite and some strategies/resources to address them.

Don't forget that all previous webinars have been recorded and can be accessed at your convenience on the WorkWell KS webstsite's Archive page. 

Not the topics you are looking for? Let us know what you would like to hear about, what barriers you need assistance overcoming, what kinds of success stories would be helpful. Email:

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