Gather Data to Inform Your Plan with WWKS Help
If your worksite has completed a foundation workshop and you are ready to start establishing or more firmly establish the data portion of your foundation, you may have WorkWell KS assist you in collecting data from your employees.  The below link provided contains a list of all of the types of individual-level data WorkWell KS supports.  Your worksite is welcome to collect any data it would like to inform its efforts, but WorkWell KS has provide a list of a dozen validated and nationally utilized data collection instruments to assess a variety of health topics and behaviors in your worksite.  

Feel free to read about each assessment, noting the time burden to complete the survey and what the survey will help your worksite assess.  You may then complete the survey below to officially submit your data collection requests and WorkWell KS will work with you to begin administering your survey instruments and will provide you with an aggregated and de-identified report of your employees' health behaviors and needs .

HURRY & Get Your Worksite Recognized in 2015!

The WorkWell KS recognition program was launched last month!  We are recognizing worksites that have established a foundation for worksite wellness and have implemented strategies to address healthy food and tobacco.


Worksites that qualify will have the opportunity to choose from a number of items that support a healthy worksite environment. 


Act fast!  As we continue this work, we hope to be able to offer additional recognition opportunities to Kansas worksites. This first round of recognition and the corresponding criteria are relatively basic.  Should the program continue, the criteria will likely increase in difficulty. 


HURRY! We have large amount of recognition items available through the end of 2015

OUR GOAL  is to recognize dozens of worksites through the remainder of 2015

EACH WORKSITE  can receive up to 3 recognition items if they meet the criteria for building a foundation, healthy foods and tobacco.


Check the below criteria to see if your worksite qualifies and what items are available.

Please Contact WWKS Coordinator, Aubrey Wiechman, if you are in need of assistance or have any questions.
Be sure to put the 2016 Kansas State of Wellness Symposium on your calendars! We will be releasing more details soon!

The second annual symposium will take place:

When:   May 24, 2016
Where:  Atrium Hotel & Conference Center
 1400 N. Lorraine St.
 Hutchinson, KS 67501

Aubrey Wiechman

"Engaging Leaders and Business
 in Kansas to Support Health and 
Healthy Worksites"

Good Health is Good Business