The first round of WorkWell KS (WWKS)  regional workshop sessions are open for registration!  See below for details on how to get signed up!

Click Here for the WWKS Phase II Flyer to get an overview of the initiative.

STEP 1   Take a look at the WWKS Foundation Checklist to see if you have a                      solid foundation in place for worksite wellness. 

STEP 2.  Use the WWKS Flow Chart and Foundation Checklist to see what                           sessions will be the most beneficial for your worksite.

STEP 3.  Register for a workshop session in your region/area.There will be three                   sessions in each region (Building a Foundation, Healthy Foods and                       Tobacco). Participants are encouraged to pick a topic/focus to make                       progress on.  

 October 7-8  NORTH CENTRAL  Beloit, KS
 October 22-23  SOUTHEAST  Coffeyville, KS
 November 5-6  NORTHEAST
 Valley Falls, KS
 December 1-2  SOUTH CENTRAL  Hesston, KS
 December 9-10  NORTHWEST  Colby, KS
 December 14-15  SOUTHWEST  Jetmore, KS

Please Contact WWKS Coordinator, Aubrey Wiechman if you are in need of assistance or have any questions.
Get your Worksite Featured

WWKS is excited to collaborate with WorkWell Shawnee County for a new project!  We are always looking for ways to support your efforts.  If you or your worksite wellness groups have ideas you would like to explore or resources you are needing, connect with us! 

Michelle Shima, WorkWell Shawnee County- 
A few weeks ago at our monthly WorkWell Shawnee County meeting, one of our topics was "How your business plans to celebrate National Eat Healthy Day"  in November. While we were discussing how various businesses could promote the day, we also contemplated doing something as a group. One of the members threw out the idea of creating a healthy recipe book. The book would not have to be fancy or expensive and could even just be distributed electronically. The obvious benefit would be a collection of healthy recipes. The "cookbook" would also serve another purpose. It would be a way of connecting with others and recognizing businesses for their work in health promotion. 

Heart Happy PosterWe have learned through experience that working with caterers and/or venues on serving healthy options can be difficult.  Many are willing to work with you if you can present them with some ideas.  This cook book will provide recipes you can share with caterers to use for worksite events or make as healthy meals at home. 

If you have healthy recipes you would like to submit please send your recipe, nutritional information (if you have it), your name, and the name of your worksite to:

Missty Lechner   
American Heart Association

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 Healthy Foods Workshop Preview


 Find out what will be covered in this upcoming WWKS workshop session. Hear more about why providing access to healthy foods is important for an employer and the impact it can have on a worksite.



Monday, September 28 12:00PM-1:00PM

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Give Us a Shout
We would love to feature your worksite or group in our next WorkWell KS newsletter. Contact us to share what you are doing to support health and wellness.  Do you have an amazing success story? Have you overcome a big barrier? Are you doing something really fun or innovative?  Send your stories our way. 
We can all learn a lot from one and other.  It is also energizing to hear about the work of others.  This is an opportunity to highlight your worksite, your wellness committee and your efforts. 

Aubrey Wiechman

"Engaging Leaders and Business
 in Kansas to Support Health and 
Healthy Worksites"

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