Looking for Health Champions to Recognize at the 2016 Kansas State of Wellness Symposium
 Kansas State of Wellness Symposium is taking place May 24, 2016 in Hutchinson, KS.  WorkWell KS in partnership with the Kansas Alliance for Wellness are once again sponsoring Health Champion awards.

One Community and one Worksite who have shown progress in impacting the health of the population they serve particularly as it relates to physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco use will be recognized at the symposium. 

Awardees will not only receive an original piece of art by a Kansas artist, but will also have a professional video created showcas­ing their work which they will be able to share with their community.

Tales From the Trenches
We are bringing back a previous newsletter section that features stories from real worksites across the state that are implementing creative and effective changes to improve health at their organizations.  

Pratt Regional Medical Center Steps it Up to Increase Employee Physical Activity.

Pratt Regional Medical Center (PRMC)  implemented a "Stairway to Heaven" stepping project that recently concluded with some impressive results. PRMC employees took 31,696,728 steps over a 12 week period of time!

This wasn't just a walking or stepping program though. Multiple strategies were implemented at different levels to increase the effectiveness. 

Employees were challenged to take 50,000 steps per week for 12 weeks.  They were able to use their own pedometers or pay $5 for a pedometer and were then asked to checked in weekly with their steps.  
A stairway was revamped and decorated with the mascots of Kansas Universities (KU, KSU and WSU), local colleges (the Pratt Community College Beavers and the Barclay College Bears) and the local high schools (Skyline Thunderbirds and Pratt Fighting Frogs) to make it more exciting to be in.  The top landing has a white board and employees are free to leave an encouraging message. 
Active coffee breaks on the stairs were encouraged.  If an employee completed 50,000 or more they were awarded a $3 Salad Bar coupon.  Those that meet the 50,000 step goal for 12 weeks will be eligible to participate in a drawing for a FitBit.  The changes and program were a big hit with employees. There were 73 participants, 382 salad bars awarded and a fitbit awarded! The program will be implemented again.  

Advice from PRMC : "We are learning how active we are, how active we should be, and how much healthier we can be through these challenges.  Keep up the good work! Consistency is key to healthy living and eating."

**Things to take note of** This wasn't just a challenge or program.  Additional strategies were implemented to help it be a success: 

Environmental Change:
Decorating the stairwell to make it appealing to be in and interactive with the message board.

Program: Step/walking challenge


Incentives: Pedometers were offered at a low cost.  Fitbit was a part of the grand prize drawing. Salad bars were offered to those that met their weekly goals.  In 2016 they will be adding additional incentives: The employee with the most steps will receive a $50 grocery coupon card and all employees that reach their goal of 600,000 steps will receive a $10 grocery gift card. (Incentives were tied to increasing/supporting employee physical activity and consumption of healthy foods!) 

Data:   The wellness committee received 
recommendations from employees on how to improve the program to gain participation. ( what incentives were desirable) 


In an attempt to create a work atmosphere and culture that supported physical activity, walking breaks were encouraged throughout the day.  It was also encouraged that coffee breaks be used for walking as well. 

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