The WorkWell KS recognition program has launched again!  We will be recognizing worksites that have established a foundation for worksite wellness and have implemented strategies to address healthy food and beverages, tobacco, physcial activity and well-being (formerly mental health and stress management)  Those that qualify for recognition will be able to choose from a number of items that support a healthy worksite environment.


All worksites applying for recognition must have had at least one wellness committee member/employee that has attended the workshop for the topic they are seeking recognition for. 


OUR GOAL  is to recognize dozens of worksites that are utilizing comprehensive strategies to support and improve employee health. 


EACH WORKSITE  can receive up to 5 recognition items. (One for each category they qualify for) These include beverage dispensers/difusers, bike racks, indoor and outdoor walking trail signage, raised garden beds and more! 


Check the below criteria to see if your worksite qualifies and what items are available.


Please Contact WWKS Coordinator, Aubrey Wiechman, if you are in need of assistance or have any questions.
Get Registered for a Workshop!

There are still workshops taking place across the state. 


Foundation Workshops:

These are great for people that are new to the initiatve or for participating worksites that have new wellness committee members. This workshop will orient participants to the intiative, address the business case for worksite wellness and provide information about and technical assistance with the development of a strong worksite wellness foundation, crucial for all successful worksite wellness plans. 



Health Priority Workshops (Tobacco, Healthy Foods and Beverages, Physcial Activity, Well-Being)  

During these workshops participants will recieve assistance with the development and implemntation of comprehensive worksite wellness plans to specifically address the cooresponding topic. Learn proven strategies to postively impact employee health and the overall business.

** Visit to register for workshops  
Give Us a Shout
We would love to feature your worksite or group in our next WorkWell KS newsletter. Contact us to share what you are doing to support health and wellness.  Do you have an amazing success story? Have you overcome a big barrier? Are you doing something really fun or innovative?  Send your stories our way. 
We can all learn a lot from one and other.  It is also energizing to hear about the work of others.  This is an opportunity to highlight your worksite, your wellness committee and your efforts. 

Aubrey Wiechman

"Engaging Leaders and Business
 in Kansas to Support Health and 
Healthy Worksites"

Good Health is Good Business