Vol. 1, No. 3  |  Summer 2016
June 7, 2016
Workforce Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who completed the 2016 Workforce Survey! The results of the survey will help us determine the state of the workforce in Taney County and will assist us in developing future programming to better serve the local business community.

Survey results will be released at the July 22 Branson Business Connection Luncheon where we will share an executive summary of the survey results and opportunities for the business sector to get engaged in regional workforce initiatives. More info about the survey results launch will be released in the newsletter's July issue.

Happy reading!

Heather Hardinger
Programs and Communications Director, Taney County Partnership
Unemployment numbers in Taney County were lower in April 2016 at * 6.5% compared to the 2015 rate of 7.9%.  Highlights of the Ozark Regional Profile for the month show a slightly higher unemployment rate in Taney County than the rest of the region in addition to other economic indicators. 

Check out this month's Workforce Overview and the NACo County Economies report.

 *Rates variable and subject to change
Workforce Development Collaborative Meetings

TCP's Workforce Development Collaborative meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 8 a.m.  The next meeting is on Tuesday, June 14.

Our partners and members of the Taney County business community are encouraged to get involved in this Workforce Development Collaborative. We need business and HR representation at the table in order to meet the workforce needs of our community. Please  RSVP  in advance if you plan to attend or bring a guest.

The Department of Labor's final rule updating the overtime regulations was announced last month.

The final rule focuses primarily on updating the salary and compensation levels needed for executive, administrative and professional workers to be exempt. It will raise the salary threshold for exempt workers from $455 per week to $913 per week ($47,476 per year). This means current salaried employees making less than that amount will be reclassified to non-exempt status and must be paid overtime for hours worked over 40. The rule goes into effect December 1, 2016. 

To help clarify the details of the ruling, the U.S. Department of Labor provides an informative webinar  that  will be presented at several times so that you may choose the one that best fits your schedule. You can find more information about the overtime rule at www.dol.gov/overtime.
Programming Opportunities

Become a Show-Me-Hero

Make your business and your open positions more visible to job seeking Veterans and Service Members by taking the Show-Me-Heroes  Pledge . When you sign the pledge, the Missouri Job Center will feature your business name and all of your Missouri work sites on the searchable list of Show-Me Heroes employers. All open positions you post with  jobs.mo.gov  will also be visible on this site. Additionally, all of the jobs you post will have a "Show-Me Heroes Employer" tag making them even more visible to great military candidates.

You will also be able to work directly with Missouri Job Center staff and Veterans Employment Representatives who can offer direct assistance in helping you find great candidates. As an added service, your open positions will be posted on the National Labor Exchange's veteran focused jobs portal which associates and sorts jobs by military occupational codes. This helps guide candidates with relevant military skill sets to your open positions, further increasing and enhancing quality matches.

By taking the Show-Me Heroes Pledge, you are telling Missouri's military community and your peers that your business values the experience and skills current and former members of our armed Forces can bring to the workplace. Sign the pledge today!

Branson Young Professionals
Are your young adult workers a part of local professional development activities? 

BLACC's Branson Young Professionals group  engages develops , and  empowers  the next generation of area leaders age 40 and under, providing opportunities for members to actively shape the future of the Branson Area and foster an environment that attracts and retains young talent in the community.

BYP members benefit by g aining valuable knowledge and insight for their professional goals, work to b uild business networks with other professionals and participate in opportunities such as Leadership Roundtables, Business Development presentations, and giving back to the community through volunteerism.

Interested in registering a Young Professional or becoming a Branson Young Professional Sponsor?  Contact  Emily Sutliff  at the Branson Chamber for more information.

GO CAPS Teacher Externships

GO CAPS still needs businesses from any industry in Branson or Reeds Spring to host teachers from July 25-28.
The teacher externship program was created in 2015 and designed to help promote the philosophy of the GO CAPS program and give area teachers experience with business and industry to bring back 'real world' skills to help their students. 

Please  contact the Partnership  if you are interested in helping bring industry to life in our local schools.

Youth Employment Programs

Early work experience helps lay a strong foundation for our youth to become contributing members of the community. Businesses are responsible for establishing tasks, supervising the youth worker, coordinating with Job Center staff to ensure successful progress, resolving any issues that may arise with the youth, and providing constructive feedback to the youth regarding their work performance.

Hire a youth today and make an investment in the workforce of tomorrow! Contact your local Missouri Job Center to find out how to participate in one of these programs.

Become a Jobs for Life Champion!

Jobs for Life (JfL) is a program of Jesus Was Homeless that connects mentors from the business community with community members searching for employment, job skills or leaderships skills that may take them to the next level. JfL teaches the tools to uncover and address roadblocks keeping one from obtaining meaningful employment.

As a mentor, you will be paired with a student and given the opportunity to serve through demonstrating encouragement, leadership, accountability and guidance, developing a meaningful relationship with the student. You will aid the student in creating short and long term goals, resumes and 60 second elevator-speeches. Mentors have the opportunity to change a life through mentorship and extending the love of Christ to someone who is looking to better their quality of life.

For more information or to sign up as a mentor, contact Ashley at Jesus Was Homeless.

Millennials in the Workforce: Part 2

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, young adult workers hold the key to a robust talent pipeline. As baby boomers retire and Generation X workers move into leadership positions, companies need to develop young adult talent as a critical component of their workforce pipeline-particularly for entry-level positions.

Many companies are not sure how to develop young adult talent, but a recent  study by Virgin Pulse reveals ways employers can engage this new workforce at their own organizations. 

The study revealed that millennials are looking to grow and expand on their existing skill set, according to the 58 percent of respondents who say skill-building is a good benefit to have at an organization. This highlights the opportunity to take advantage of Millennial's untapped skills, but how those talents grow and develop depends on employers' approach to professional development.

Employers nationwide are reporting that many young adults lack the skills required to succeed in entry level jobs. In response, many companies are pursuing two types of internal strategies: designing training programs (internships, modern apprenticeships, leadership rotations) and engaging with local educational institutions.

The Partnership is working to bring new opportunities and training programs to Taney County to keep local employers competitive with nationwide trends. Contact the Partnership for more ways to engage your young adult workforce!
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