Vol. 1, No. 2  |  Spring 2016
May 5, 2016

Taney County Partnership is pleased to announce its second annual Workforce Survey, a brief series of questions targeted to local employers. The results of the survey will allow the Partnership to further develop relevant programming to meet the needs of the business community.  CLICK HERE  to take the survey today!

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Heather Hardinger
Programs and Communications Director, Taney County Partnership

In 2015, Taney County Partnership and the Branson / Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce conducted a brief, comprehensive study of employer workforce characteristics and conditions. The research projects the county's workforce and educational attainment needs and the results have been used to align workforce development resources with economic development goals. 

The easy, ten-question survey is available for Taney County employers to take now through May 31. Please c
lick the link below to take the survey today and s hare the survey with other employers and HR managers. The more responses, the better we can serve businesses in our community!

You can also download and view a copy of the 2015 survey results here .
March unemployment in Taney County saw its first single digit unemployment rates since 2007 at * 9.6%. The Taney County rates are still higher than many parts of Missouri, comparatively, but our March numbers put us at a better place overall than we have been since before the recession.

Check out this month's Workforce Development Overview  and view 2003 - 2016 Unemployment Data .

 *Rates variable and subject to change
Programming Opportunities

Summer Jobs for Youth

Summe r break is right around the corner and many employers are needing to fill entry level positions this summer that would be perfect for teens or recent graduates looking to gain a paycheck and experience. If your business has job openings available, please post them on the Branson / Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce  job page . And i f you are an employer who is able to hire young workers under age 18, please familiarize yourself with Missouri's Youth Employment Labor Standards before you do!

You may have seen our 'Get a Job' campaign posters throughout local high schools in the area. The campaign is a simple initiative to encourage local high school students to snag a job before summer hits. Job seekers are encouraged to visit jobs.mo.gov and indeed.com to find available local job listings.

The State Parks Youth Corps begins this month and is still accepting youth applicantsThrough this program, young Missourians will have the opportunity to develop the critical leadership skills that will prepare them for success in future careers while bolstering an appreciation for the environment and "green" concepts that are an exciting part of Missouri's growing industries. 

GO CAPS Teacher Externships

GO CAPS still needs businesses from any industry in Branson or Reeds Spring host teachers from July 25-28. The teacher externship program was created in 2015 and designed to help promote the philosophy of the GO CAPS program and give area teachers experience with business and industry to bring back 'real world' skills to help their students. Please contact the Partnership if you are interested in helping bring industry to life in our local schools.

Missouri Job Center's Mobile Career Center

Did you know the Missouri Job Center offers its Mobile Career Center to employers in Taney County at no cost? The Mobile Career Center provides the benefits of the physical Missouri Job Centers but has the flexibility of being a satellite location. 

Equipped with internet access, twelve computers and a knowledgeable staff member, the  Mobile Career   Center  can be utilized by employers for hiring events, employee or applicant assessment tests, Rapid Response services due to plant closings or mass layoffs, and other job-related services.  

T he unit can also be scheduled in locations throughout the Ozark Region for job seeker services such as job search, resume assistance, and more.  For more information or to see the schedule of events, please visit the  Missouri Job Center's Website .

Financial Assistance Opportunities for Expanded Export Activity

A re you interested in expanding your export activities, but are concerned about cost or fearful about entering a new market Export Missouri  is here to help! The MO STEP=UP program, an initiative of the Missouri International Trade and Investment Office funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, is a grant program offering international marketing and financial assistance, designed with small business owners in mind.
Millennials in the Workforce

According to a 2015 Pew Research study, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce. As the youngest Millennials get older, more of them will be looking for or getting jobs, and some of those jobs could be right here in Missouri. In fact, four Missouri-based companies made the cut on Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Workplaces for Millennials" list last year. 

Millennials are quickly becoming the most influential population in our market today as they are graduating from college and reaching their peak employment years. So, in honor of the Class of 2016 graduates exiting college or high school and entering the workforce this month, here are some benefits Millennials entering Missouri's workforce can bring to the table at your business, brought to us by B. Loehr Staffing:

Millennials Produce at High Levels
Millennials in the Missouri workforce are known for their high production levels. They want to be challenged while at work, have a busy schedule and do everything possible to succeed in their career. This means that they will do whatever it takes to meet deadlines and submit projects on time and correctly at all costs. Don't you want to have employees who constantly want to take on new challenges? When this happens, your company will succeed within its industry and benefit from the fresh perspective millennials bring to an organization.

Millennials Like Working in Teams

Millennials are more prone to work in teams when at the office. They worked in teams all throughout their academic careers and learned how to excel in that environment. This preference will shift over to their professional careers. They like to speak their mind, offer up ideas at the office and can handle criticism about their work and how they handle adversity at the office.

Millennials Know Technology

Millennials are one of the first groups of employees that grew up with all of the technology we have today. They do not know what it is like to live without a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, cloud-based services and text messaging. This means that millennials will be able to handle any type of technology needed for the job in which they are hired. They will also be able to help their co-workers with any technology issues that might arise. They will not have to go through time and cost extensive training, and will be able to quickly pick up any technology involved with their position.
Workforce Development Collaborative Meetings

TCP's Workforce Development Collaborative will meet the second Tuesday of each month at the Branson /  Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 8:00 a.m.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10.

Our partners and members of the Taney County business community are encouraged to get involved in this Workforce Development Collaborative. We need business and HR representation at the table in order to meet the workforce needs of our community. Please  RSVP  in advance if you plan to attend or bring a guest.
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