October 2017

ALI Coalition Spotlight: Susan Leal (2009) is fighting to protect one of the planet's most valuable resources - water. Together with Monty Simus (2015) and Professor Peter Rogers (SEAS), Ms. Leal has launched a program to promote water conservation in Marrakesh, Morocco. Learn more about the impact of her work in our featured video.
Program News

The ALI Case Collection continues to grow! Our newest case features Joe Mandato (2012) and Pete McNerney (2014), working together to improve the nation's healthcare system through their company Empathetics.
Fello ws News

Thuli Madonsela (2017) is sharing her experience investigating and exposing corruption at the highest levels of government. Ms. Madonsela appeared on the Harvard Kennedy School PolicyCast to discuss her time working as the Public Protector of South Africa and how it relates to Robert Mueller's investigation into the 2016 presidential election.
Amy Anthony (2016) is being honored for her work to preserve affordable housing around the country. The Preservation of Affordable Housing organization is launching the Amy Anthony College Savings Account program at its largest community in Missouri for all children aged 5 to 19.
Doug Renfield-Miller (2015) was the subject of Steve Leveen's (2015) latest podcast. Mr. Leveen's " America the Bilingual" profiled Mr. Renfield-Miller, detailing how a year abroad changed his outlook on life.
Jeff Dunn (2014) has reached an important milestone in his work to educate children displaced by conflict and persecution. Mr. Dunn's Sesame Workshop, in partnership with Gillian Sorensen (2014) and the International Rescue Committee, has been named a finalist for the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change grant.
Carrin Patman (2014) is calling for a more robust public transit system in Houston following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Ms. Patman recently authored an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle describing the need for additional public transportation as the city continues to expand.
Ann MacDougall (2013) is urging older Americans to find a sense of renewed purpose in turbulent times. Ms. MacDougall co-authored an article stressing the value and importance of purpose driven work for young and old alike.
Paul Irving (2010) is being honored by the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute for his work to rethink the future of aging. On October 24, Mr. Irving will receive the Life Journey Inspiration Award and deliver a lecture on his important work with the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging.

Jeff Dunn's Sesame Seeds program has been named a finalist for the 100&Change grant.
Faculty News

Professor Julie Battilana (HBS/HKS) argues that radical change requires three distinct types of leaders. In an article for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Professor Battilana outlines the importance of the agitator, the innovator, and the orchestrator.
Professor Amy Edmondson (HBS) is making the case for speaking up. Professor Edmondson was a speaker at Stanford Medicine's MedicineX conference where she advocated for stronger communication in healthcare delivery.
Professor Howard Koh (HSPH) believes there is a missing link between health and spirituality. Professor Koh co-authored an article arguing for the importance of a spiritual component in the world of healthcare.
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