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May 24, 2012



This Saturday, our twins Connor and Allyson will graduate from high school. Both have always excelled at the three A's: academics, athletics and attitude. It's their strong character and compassion that makes them stand out.

With an amazing 4.578 GPA, Allyson has been named Valedictorian. She tied with two boys from her class. At the University of Georgia, Connor will study environmental science and Allyson has been accepted in the Honors Program. Rick and I are so proud.




Allyson is a gifted speaker who learned to share from her heart and not her head much earlier than her mother did. At the commencement ceremony on Saturday, she will address the senior class with this wisdom:


My mom likes to tell this story of when my twin brother Connor and I were about four years old.  At our neighborhood pool one evening, the three of us stood on the edge of the shallow baby pool.  Before we knew it, Connor leaped in with both feet, making a huge splash. Being the know-it-all four-year-old that I was, I said, "Connor!!!! Can't you read? It says one foot! One foot first, and then the other."


Looking back, I think Connor was onto something. When it feels right, we should go ahead and jump right in.


Reflecting on my high school years, I'm glad to have learned this lesson early. Do you remember the morning announcements freshman year? I do. Every day, then senior Lanie Bakeberg read us the "Words of Wisdom" and would always conclude with this challenge: "Make it a great day... or not. The choice is yours."


It's empowering to know that your success each day is dependent on you. You decide how to respond to the obstacles and opportunities of life. So, how will you choose to make it a great day? Maybe it means taking risks. Maybe it means practicing a random act of kindness. Maybe it means trying something new, even if that something puts butterflies in your stomach.... like skydiving (because we're finally 18!) or joining your college Quidditch team.


It may be easier than you think. I mean, guys, when I first started high school, I ran for Freshman Class President. I was nervous. But guess what? No one ran against me. 


I just know that opportunities like this will arise for all of us after high school. So why not jump right in, with both feet?


Regardless of where you are in your career or your life, it's time to reconnect with the spirit of you as a teenager when anything was possible. Pick one thing you've been wanting to do and jump right in. Share what it is on my Facebook Page or reply back to me. I love hearing from you and so will Allyson!


To Your Wisdom, 



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