Luis Grijalva in ABQ this Friday and Saturday, April 21-22

Luis will be back at CSP for private coachings and a cha cha workshop at 3 pm Sat, April 22nd. 

Join us for this wonderful workshop with Master Coach Luis Grijalva. Learn cool Cha Cha moves and important technique. Workshop is $35, please call CSP at 505-883-9521 to reserve your spot or sign up online.

Luis will also be teaching private lessons that may be booked Friday or Saturday for $135 plus tax. 
Country Dance for Country Dancers

Friday, April 28th, 7-9pm; $7 

Come dance with us! 

General dancing to all 8 country dances  (ECS, WCS, waltz, two step, cha cha, nightclub, triple two, and polka)

Click here to RSVP for the dance
La Blast Dance Fitness Class

LaBlast is offered twice a week: Mon 5:00 pm and Sat 10:00 am.

What is La Blast? 
  • A partner-free dance fitness program for all to dance, get fit, and have fun. It's based on all of the dances you see on 'Dancing with the Stars'.
  • It's entertaining, fun, and will challenge and inspire people of all ages and fitness levels! 
  • It uniquely fuses fitness routines and movements into dance training. 
  • It's music, a key component to the classes, represents a wide variety from pop, rock, hip-hop, country, to disco.
  • It creates a fun, energetic atmosphere resulting in a high-energy class experience that makes you want to dance!

Places to Dance !

Friday, 1x/mo 6-9pm
6-7pm Newcomer class 
7-9pm General dancing at CSP Dance Studios
All for just $7

Anniversary Dinner Dance, April 29th, Special Event

Next regular dance is May 7 at the ABQ Square Dance Center

 Sat, May 6th, 
at CSP Dance Studios

Country Dance for Country Dancers
Fri, Apr 28th, 7-9pm, 
$7  (under 18 free), 
@ CSP Dance Studios, 
all 8 dances!

Sat, April 22nd, 7:30-10:30
ABQ Square Dance Center

ADC meets for social dancing Weds at the Dirty Boubon, 9800 Montgomery NE. Doors open at  6pm . No cover, but drink purchase appreciated.  

Sat, May 6th,  4:30-6:30pm @ Lloyd Shaw  Dance Center

SOS (Salsa On Sunday)  
Sundays 8-10 pm @ Maple Street Dance Space  

S alsa En La Bodega
Fridays @ 700 1st St NW

TCA Sunday Milongas  
1st and 3rd Sundays @  
Kelly's Brew Pub

Sat @ 1512 1st St NW

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