Insights and discoveries from the IABC World Conference
Would you rather go to the dentist than to a networking event? If so, read on.

Networking is considered a professional necessity. Conventional wisdom states that if we don’t build and sustain our networks properly, we’ll lose out on opportunities like promotions, new jobs, and important information. The bad news: The conventional wisdom is right. The good news: Most of us are networking all wrong. Read on for three simple practices to transform your networking experience...more
More insights from our speakers:
IABC is introducing a very special general session, a World Café, on Monday, 12 June from 1–3 p.m. Never heard of a World Café? Well, it’s a structured conversational process that creates a platform for open small group discussions crowd sourcing to tap into “collective intelligence.” Here’s your chance to experience learning and discovery in an entirely new way, through creative thinking, new connections and the power of your... more
The IABC World Conference break-out sessions have been posted. Check them out  here . Sessions were selected by IABC’s Program Advisory Committee (PAC) based on their alignment to the conference theme "GLOBAL BUSINESS: Lead Communication Make Real Impact" and the ability of the speaker to engage the audience and deliver innovative ideas, creative solutions and best practices... more
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