Create A Future: World Orphan Day Is Today
Assalaamu Alaykum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatahu,

Around the world 153 million little eyes wake up to another day full of struggle, anguish, and tears. These broken hearts have lost either one or both of their parents due to conflict, poverty or lack of proper medical help. They cry themselves to sleep at night, under the open sky, curled up for warmth besides the corner they've made for themselves. The global community can no longer turn a blind eye toward the plight of tomorrow's future. World Orphan Day was established on the 15th of Ramadan in 2014 by the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation that represents 57 Muslim countries. Join HHRD USA as we come together on World Orphan Day to raise awareness of the dire need to help care for these orphans.
Currently, HHRD donors are supporting 17,200 orphans in over 17 countries which include: Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Jordan, Nepal, Philippines, Burma, Haiti, Sri Lanka, and Macedonia and Syrian Refugees, Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

Out of these orphans, around 14,200 are sponsored by specific generous donors. About 4,000 are being supported by general donations towards HHRD Orphan Program. When someone donates towards the general fund, they are in fact pooling in funds for one or more orphans. HHRD is aiming to raise $1.50 Million in the general Orphan Fund.

For as little as $30/month or $365/year, sponsored children receive school tuition, supplies, pocket money, annual medical screening, and character-building psychological support.
Sponsoring donors receive orphan educational progress reports, medical reports, and correspondence from their orphan.
Many of their activities include: leadership camps, sports and recreational activities, home visits, celebrating national days, medical screenings.
This day urges the international community to step up and partake in their global responsibility towards these children and the social projects that assist them.

More importantly, the value given to taking care of an orphan child is evident in our religion where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is reported to have said, "One who looks after the orphan whether he is his relative or not, I and he would be together in Paradise like this, and Malik (explained it) with the gesture by drawing his index finger and middle finger close together” . (Sahih Muslim from Abu Hurairah).

There is a child somewhere waiting for your help; you may be the answer to their prayers and the means for them to attain a successful future. In this second phase of Ramadan we beseech Allah for His forgiveness. Let us also use this opportunity to ask for these children to receive the care needed to survive.

Visit our website for further information on how you can help. Take advantage of the rewards in Ramadan; for as little as $1/day you can save a life.

Wasalaam Walaykum WaRahamatullahi WaBarakatahu,

Ramadan Food Program
Your donations at work: Ramadan food packages are reaching those who need it most. Join HHRD and help us feed 40,000 families this blessed month. Families in over 30 countries will receive food items to ensure they have a filling Sahur an Iftar. Your $100 donation can help feed up to 3 families!  Donate Today
Ramadan Tent Program
HHRD's Jordan team conducts this annual Ramadan Tent program for refugee families for the month of Ramadan. Each night 400 people are brought to the location and at the end of the month close to 10,000 people are helped. We need your support to continue this service!

Donate  $100 to serve 7 people
Donate  $500 to serve 35 people
Donate  $1,000 to serve 70 people
Donate  $2,500 to serve 175 people
Donate   $5,000 to serve 350 people
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