September 2017 Special WRW Issue
World Reflexology Week
Sept 18 - 24th, 2017
The International Council of Reflexologists Asks You To Join Us...For a Healthier World! 

Reflexologists worldwide are celebrating and participating in World Reflexology Week, to raise awareness of the health benefits of reflexology. 
World Reflexology Week (WRW) was created by RAA & RAC Professional member Bill Flocco and the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) in 2002 to promote reflexology around the globe.
No activity is too small! According to Bill Flocco, your action could be as simple as wearing a reflexology t-shirt or carrying a reflexology tote bag in public to generate some conversation about reflexology. You might hand out rack cards, brochures and/or foot maps that you have or decide to print up for WRW. 
Even offering a WRW discount coupon on your website or emailing a WRW coupon to your client list can help generate additional awareness about reflexology and its global significance.
To help promote World Reflexology Week, we suggest you read through and use the items within the package developed for you by the International Council of Reflexologists.

Visit the website and get the documents to print out from your computer, such as sample press releases and ideas.

How will you participate in World Reflexology Week?

World Reflexology Week in the U.K.

  WRW is an international promotion of good health and wellbeing using Reflexology. The theme this year from the Association of Reflexologists in the UK is  corporate reflexology:  encouraging  work based in-house reflexology .   

The aim of World Reflexology Week is to promote reflexology and increase pu blic awareness around the globe. Remember global awareness begins at local level.

See this website for a list of WRW Events in the UK, Scotland, Wales, Spain and Bulgaria!


So how are they celebrating WRW in Australia, you ask? 

Click on the link above to see a World Reflexology Week Event organized by the group "Womenspace" in Australia. 


World Reflexology Week Marketing Ideas

Good for Reflexology Awareness

Good for your Business!

  • Send an email Newsletter to your clients, informing them about World Reflexology Week and offer them a WRW Discount Coupon.

  • Volunteer your time to do half-hour Reflexology Sessions at a local Senior Center, Assisted Living Facility or a Children's Hospital.  And, make sure you publicize that you are doing this as part of WRW. Take photos and post them to your website & Facebook page.

  • Participate in a local group's street fair or some other kind of event, maybe organized by your local Chamber of Commerce.  Get a table where you provide information, brochures and even sample hand reflexology sessions.

  • Volunteer your time to a special public event planned that same week, as this is a good opportunity to spread the word about what you do.

  • Do a Facebook post or ad about the health benefits of Reflexology and World Reflexology Week!

Be sure to take photos of any event or of your participation in WRW and post on your website and your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Google+ pages!

Carry your RAC Tote Bag Around during World Reflexology Week!

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