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Your ad not here: Should marketers be worried about ad-blocking?
By Elizabeth Kalmbach and Jon Christens

Consumer concern does not necessarily lead to action
As online advertising increases its complexity and advanced capabilities by the day, so do concerns about measurability and accountability. While many concerns over ad viewability, cross-platform measurement and non-human traffic issues may have faded for brands working with agencies utilizing progressive approaches, there's still another issue looming on the horizon.
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Create brand evangelists by leveraging the customer life cycle 
By Isham Colosetti

Most companies understand that they need to attract customers to products and services with relevant information, desirable offerings, brand visuals and content that speaks to what the audience values and what motivates them to purchase or participate. Too often, however, those one-off customer transactions with your brand are considered "won and done," with little-to-no thought about the ultimate goal of creating an enduring relationship with your customer built on trust, opportunity and recognition.  
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Campaigning vs. conversing: Is your digital marketing missing the mark?
By Kevin Layton
Brands want to hit the bullseye with their marketing but often we see them just hitting the wall instead. Today's digital landscape changes frequently and has so many options for digital marketing that many brands feel overwhelmed and end up campaigning instead of conversing.
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Research War Stories: "It's part cat and part skunk"
Sometimes respondents have their own agendas. Freelance moderator Paul Schneller reports conducting a one-on-one interview with a woman on ads about nutrition. When he asked, "What did you think of the ad with the children?" his chatty live-wire replied without a beat ...
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More Americans are turning to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a source of news ...

Internet advertising spend is poised to overtake television ad spend as the No. 1 advertising category worldwide as early as 2017 ...

Hispanics are more likely to make streaming an integral part of their video viewing lifestyle ... 

Consumers rated live chat highest among customer service touchpoints ...

A new study by Warrendale, Pa., product testing solution First Insight shows many consumers are not familiar with retail technology ... 

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