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"Worry and you'll die. Don't worry and you'll die. So why worry?"

I discovered this quote in the book, Vanishing Ireland, in a cozy bookstore in Dingletown, Ireland. The book profiles regular people, old people, who live from the land. Farmer Pat Gleeson's philosophy on worry jumped off the page to me.

I almost didn't go to Ireland because of worry. A few months earlier I hurt my knee on the first evening of a trip to WA state. I wish I could say that I had climbed a mountain, biked a century, or sailed in the Puget Sound earlier that day. I had merely traveled by airplane and car, and sat and sat and sat.

It seems when we get older, all that sitting is not a good idea, at least for some of us. To cut to the chase, for almost two weeks I could not put any weight on my right foot without causing intense pain in my knee.

I wondered (okay, I also worried), whether I would be able to go on our planned trip to Ireland. What if I re-injured my knee while there?

I also prepared. I went to physical therapy, I dutifully performed my exercises five times each day at home, and my knee got more stable and my leg stronger.

I decided to go to Ireland. I wore the compression knee socks, as advised, and I was careful. I am so glad I didn't let worry keep me away from meeting fun people and enjoying green hills and dales, traditional Irish music in pubs, and welcome cool temperatures.

I am fully aware that there are levels of things to worry about. I do not have a life threatening illness, nor do my loved ones. We have shelter, and we are generally safe. Unlike the farmer who asked, "So why worry?" I do not have to work hard in tough conditions to grow enough food for my family.

I wonder if practicing "so why worry" during the easier times in life will help prepare me for the tougher times?

How do you practice "so why worry?"

On the way to the Dingle Peninsula

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Remember the song, Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin? Guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Here is some wisdom from a wise little being.
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