January 2016
Monthly Update: Worship at the Main Square
For the born again believer, December is one of the busiest times of year. Each year our ministry engages in a myriad of Christmas activities with the intent of bringing the good news to our city. This year was no different. We had a very busy month with concerts, multimedia programs and various outreaches. 
Advent time in Zagreb is a special time of year when the whole city is decked out in lights and there are many holiday activities such as live concerts in various locations, ice skating in the town square, a Christmas open air market complete with stands selling traditional food, sweets, ornaments and other Christmas wares. For several years now, our church band, Bez kompromisa, has participated in the city's Advent program, hosted on Zagreb's main square, by performing Christmas and contemporary Christian songs.  This year we were given almost an entire hour in their program. On Thursday, Dec. 17th, at 7:00pm Bez kompromisa had the opportunity to perform on their outdoor stage on the main square and sing about the newborn King who became the King of Kings. As is usually the case, quite a crowd of people gathered on the square during this time and we had the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel through music.
The Christmas Gift

The city also gave us permission to put up a stand at the Christmas open air market, serve hot beverages and hand out free copies of the New Testament and an illustrated story book for children called "The Christmas Gift". On Saturday evenings crowds of people flocked to the ice skating rink in the city center with their children so we decided to mingle amongst the crowd and hand out the children's book to the kids and parents that had gathered there. The story book tells the story of Jesus' birth and His life and is complete with fun activities for the children to do. Many of the children were excited to receive it as a small early Christmas gift and we are glad that it will serve as a reminder to many families of the true meaning of Christmas -  the birth of Jesus Christ.
Multimedia Program

On Sunday, Dec 20th, we hosted our main Christmas event, a concert/ multimedia program hosted at our church facility. Once again our band performed and we showed a series of short movie clips with a strong Gospel message. One of our new converts shared her testimony of salvation. She pointed out the fact that we all need Jesus, whether our lives are all messed up or for the most part going smooth, because we all have holes in our heart that only Jesus can fill. We invited our friends, colleagues and family members to come and celebrate Christmas with us and we genuinely hope that the powerful testimonies they heard that evening made an impact on their hearts. After the program, we had a small surprise for the children organized; we handed out Chocolate Christmas Packs  and hosted a refreshment time for our guests. 
Ministry to Refugees

Refugees are sill transiting through our country and we wanted to do something special for the refugee children for Christmas, so the day after Christmas we organized a team of people who visited the refugee camp in the town of Slavonski Brod. We gave away 1, 000 Chocolate Christmas Packs to the children. It was rewarding to see their smiles when they received the packages. No matter what country a child comes from or what languages he speaks, chocolate is always the key to every kid's heart! 
Christmas Break

As for our family, we are on Christmas break. Bonnie and the children have been enjoying the time off of school and we have been grateful for some special family time. Thank you for all of your prayers and support throughout 2015. We pray that year 2016 brings you an abundance of God's blessings as you are a blessing to others.

Mario and Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach
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