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Wow! Summer Results Are In 

We wanted to share with you the accomplishments of the students in our 7 speed reading student courses this summer. Seventy students took part in this summer's classes. 
2015 Summer Speed Reading Averages
Words Per Minute: 252  
Comprehension: 68%

Words Per Minute: 2,964
Comprehension: 92%

Reading Efficiency Increase: 15.91 times (1,591%)
2018 Summer Quotes

I absolutely loved this course. I really struggled on the reading section of the ACT and for the first time I finished with time remaining. Nothing went wrong for me. Thank you so much Bonnie, you are a miracle worker! Loved the above the line hint. (Tala E., Dublin Jerome HS)
My first impression of the course was that this is going to be a hard course and I was going to struggle. Thankfully, I had two amazing enthusiastic teachers to help make speedreading fun and easy. The most helpful speedreading technique for me is the Benchmark procedure for speedreading books. I will definitely be able to do more reading in the summer. Thank you so much for teaching me all these great things this week and I hope you have a great summer! (Aaron F., Dublin Jerome HS)
I feel AMAZING abut speed reading!! Now I can read through a book while having fun. I used to hate reading, but now I enjoy it! Thank you so much for teaching me because this was well worth it. (Samuel S., Trinity Catholic)
This speedreading course has helped me improve my reading tremendously. I started this course thinking that if I wanted good comprehension I would have to read very slow and say each word in my head. But now I know that I was completely wrong! I will definitely continue using my new skills along with the recall patterns when studying for tests.
Thank you for helping me improve my reading. (KB, Shanahan MS)

Students Attended the Following Schools
Dublin Jerome HS, Dublin Coffman HS, Dublin Grizzell MS, Dublin Sells MS,
Dublin Scioto HS, Olentangy Liberty HS, Olentangy Liberty MS, Olentangy Berkshire MS, Olentangy HS, Olentangy Shanahan MS, Olentangy Tyler Run Elementary,
Wellington School, Columbus Academy, Copley Fairlawn MS, Miami Trace HS, Miami Trace MS, Worthington Linworth MS, Worthington Worthingway MS,
Thomas Worthington HS, Worthington Kilbourne HS, Worthington Linworth HS, Worthington Shanahan MS, Big Walnut HS, Big Walnut MS, Upper Arlington HS,
Upper Arlington Hastings MS, Gahanna Lincoln HS, Trinity Catholic,
St. James School (NC), Peoples Republic of China
Our Special Summer Courses for Teens will, of course, be conducted again next year. We will post the 2019 summer school schedule next January.
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Until then, enjoy your reading this winter.  You can learn, explore, escape and even fall asleep with a good book!

And, don't forget, we offer weekend classes and special test prep classes for teens and adults from October to 
May.  Click on the link to the left for our current schedule.  

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