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A funny slightly abbreviated story to get things started this week... This lovely couple in their 80s joined us from the Cape earlier this season. We hit it off immediately and after several telephone conversations we decided to spend the better part of three days cooking together. Then, I was asked if I liked moose! Paul was a hunter and Josephine a great cook -- the combination was that we had Moose Goulash the first night when they arrived!! And, it was delicious!! We love Vermont!!
Attention Star Gazers... Our Night Views from Vermont 
The Solar Eclipse was definitely a great astronomical event, but we get to observe cool stuff every night! Above is our home galaxy, the Milky Way, which is always visible but we can easily spot planets, stars and constellations using Sky Map ! Early risers can see Mercury and Venus...

Saturday Night at Pond Hill Rodeo
A pure slice of Americana ! Nine of us had great fun at the rodeo Saturday night... take a look below to see this Vermont cowboy ride a bucking bronco!
   Let the Sun do all the cooking!

Try Kay's "Sun Sauce" Recipe

This recipe is one of our personal favorites and several of our guests have enjoyed it too! Yes, that's our garden in the background, thanks to our adopted parents Hoa & Orland! This is a must try recipe from Kay.

Hiking Haystack Mountain... Just Ten Minutes Away!
  One of Vermont's greatest treasures is exploring the Green Mountains. This hike offered crisp mountain air, beautiful wilderness scenery, breathtaking views of surrounding pastoral valleys and neighboring mountains. One of the best views in Vermont!!
If you prefer not to challenge yourself with the strenuous one hour hike to the summit; the next best thing is to experience the short video.

Inspired to complete the hike again in the fall when the leaves are changing and without the slight haze will be even more spectacular in October!!
Three weeks ago the leaves began to change... more so than in previous years. We're expecting another fabulous foliage season!
Pond Mountain Inn... is just around the bend and up the hill.

Don't miss the Vermont Fall Foliage Season this year!
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Experience for yourself the beauty of Vermont and let your next adventure begin here!

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