September 2017

ALI Coalition Spotlight: David Weinstein (2011) is helping young writers develop their voices and publish on an international platform. After the fellowship year, Mr. Weinstein launched Write the World, an online community of writers aged 13-18 from over 80 countries around the world. On September 15 at 7pm ET, Write the World will launch the second volume of its literary journal at the Harvard COOP. Register today to join the launch!
Program News

ALI Call-to-Action: Carrin Patman (2014) is helping rebuild and restore the city of Houston. As Chair of Houston METRO, Ms. Patman is heavily involved in the relief efforts following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.  Donate now to help with the much needed relief services. 

ALI is delighted to announce a new Faculty Co-Chair, William P. Alford.  Professor Alford is the Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law, Vice Dean for the Graduate Program and International Legal Studies, and the Director of the East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School.
Fello ws News

Haifa Al Kaylani (2017) is setting a course for social justice in the 21st century. Ms. Al Kaylani will join the International Labour Organization's Global Commission on the Future of Work to develop a plan that ensures decent and sustainable work opportunities for all.
Bernadette Paolo (2016) believes that African immigration to the United States is under threat. In a  recent article, Ms. Paolo explains how the "Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy" (RAISE) Act could be disastrous for immigrants coming from the African continent.
Anne Welsh McNulty (2015) is honoring leaders taking on the most challenging problems in their communities. Together with the Aspen Institute, Ms. McNulty announced the 2017 McNulty Prize Laureates, visionaries who have founded world-changing organizations.
Alberto Mora (2014) continues to speak out against the horrors of government-led torture in the United States. In an op-ed for Newsweek, Mr. Mora warns that the Trump administration may attempt to censor an important book documenting torture in the War on Terror.
Eduardo Carvalho (2013) is developing the next generation of Harvard-trained leaders in Brazil. In 2016, Mr. Carvalho hosted two students from Harvard College to conduct research with ABA Global Education; in 2017, he welcomed eight students as part of a study abroad program entitled, " Re-imagining Brazil."

Anne Punzak Marcus (2012) is providing critical assistance to families with disabled children. With the help of Ray Jetson (2010), Ms. Punzak Marcus is bringing her nonprofit, Exceptional Lives, to Louisiana.
Gale Pollock (2011) is calling on President Trump to reverse the transgender ban in the military. Maj. Gen. Pollock was one of 56 retired admirals and generals who signed an  open letter arguing that transgender military members must not be dismissed or "forced to compromise their integrity."

Eduardo Carvalho hosts a group of Harvard College students in Brazil.
Faculty News

Professor Howard Koh (HSPH) thinks combating the opioid epidemic will require buy-in from communities around the country. Professor Koh argues that progress will depend on leveraging the full resources of communities to prevent misuse, addiction, and death.
Professor Fernando Reimers (HGSE) is launching his latest book, "One Student at a Time: Leading the Global Education Movement" on September 18 at 5pm ET. To learn more, or to attend in person, visit the registration link.

Professor Forest Reinhardt (HBS) appeared on Harvard Business Review's IdeaCast to discuss his article on the U.S. Navy's efforts to fight climate change. Together with Professor Michael Toffel, Professor Reinhardt explains what the military can teach us about the environment.
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