Hi there!
Well we're coming upon the end of second quarter - where are you in your writing goals? Still working on that book you said you would publish this year? Or, have you recently released a book, and are disappointed by the lackluster sales and attention it's been getting so far?

Well, if that's the case for you, I am so excited to announce my upcoming webinar! In it I reveal the secrets to creating a Bestselling book, and not just any book.

Thankfully, I've been blessed to have three out of six books to hit National bestseller's list. My debut novel, He's Fine...But is He Saved? sold over 10,000 copies and was a Bestselling novel two months in a row with Black Expressions Book Club. My latest Christian fiction novel, She That Findeth , hit the Black Christian News Network's Bestseller's list, and one of my eBooks, Is it a Sin to Masturbate , became a top three Amazon Bestselling book in its category. To God be the Glory!

In this webinar I will share 3 benefits of becoming a Bestselling Author and how the title alone can increase your income, 7 necessary elements, or "must haves" to include in your book in order in advance to position it to become a Bestseller, step-by-step instructions on how to make your book or eBook an Amazon Bestseller within its first two weeks of release, and so much more. And if your book is already out, I will share how you can tweak, update and re-position it to become a Bestseller.

The first two hours will be teaching, and then I will allow a full hour to answer your individual questions to help take you further along with your book.

By now you're probably wondering, when is it, how do I register and how much? Well, I have colleagues in the industry who charge $250 per hour for their consultations. I currently charge $97 per hour, but for this webinar, the cost to you will be only $37 if you register by this Friday, May 11th, and then only $47 anytime after that. In exchange you'll receive a full 3 hours of book coaching from me and the tools to position your book to become a Bestseller, which will add to your title, of what I'm sure of many hats that you already wear, to include that of a Bestselling Author :)

It all happens Saturday, May 19th EST 1pm - 4pm EST

Register today, and the login info will be emailed to you by noon the day of the webinar.

Can't make the webinar but still want the information? Still register by or before noon May 19th and the replay will be emailed to you.

Don't just write a book - become a National Bestselling Author! Let me reveal to you you the necessary elements to help make it happen for you.

It's your year!


Kim Brooks
Your Christian Book Coach