General Manager Newsletter | August 2016 
Celebrating 50 Years
"I love Wyoming Public Radio because it connects me to my community, my state, my nation, and the world. I am a news and culture junkie and believe that strong democracy requires well-informed and empathetic citizens who continuously educate themselves about the broader cultural forces that shape our society. Wyoming Public Radio is my go-to source for the information I need to be one of those citizens."
Shannon Smith , Executive Director, Wyoming Humanities Council

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Pictured: New LHS Auditorium and Ira Glass.
New LHS Auditorium To Host Ira Glass
Wyoming Public Media is excited to host Ira Glass, host and producer of This American Life, on October 15 in the new Laramie High School Auditorium. The event will also be the first event catered by the new LHS Culinary Arts program. More information and ticket purchase here.
Pictured: Bowie with Ray Mitchell.    
Bowie, the dog that came to be known as the Wyoming Public Media Station Mascot, moved to a new home this month. He was a wonderful addition to the Wyoming Public Media team. We will all greatly miss his soulful presence and those gorgeous eyes. 
Pictured: Jackson Author, Alexandra Fuller (left) with NPR's Lakshmi Singh (right).
Lakshmi Singh Visits Jackson
In celebration of 50 years, National Public Radio's midday newscaster, Lakshmi Singh, made a visit to Jackson, WY for a public reception hosted by Wyoming Public Media. The reception took place on August 3 with locals and travelers in attendance.
Pictured: Tom Wilhelm (left) and Grady Kirkpatrick (right).
Live Broadcast From Wyoming State Fair
Wyoming Public Media's Tom Wilhelm hosted the Ranch Breakfast Show live from the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas on August 20.  Wyoming Public Media's Morning Music host, Grady Kirkpatrick served as MC at the  Centennial Uptown Breakdown  Music Festival on August 27.  
Wyoming Sounds Launch Generates Positive Feedback
Since its launch on August 24, Wyoming Sounds has generated positive feedback from members and the general public.

"This is the best news I've heard in a while! I no longer have to be disappointed when Morning Music ends everyday." - Melanie McCormack  
Pictured: Caroline Ballard (left) and Jennifer Pemberton (right).
Women Run The West
Wyoming Public Media's Caroline Ballard and Utah Public Radio's reporter Jennifer Pemberton launched the " Women Run The West" project on August 26 - - Women's Equality Day. The project was part of the NPR Audio Storytelling Workshop in Washington D.C. in June.

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New Faces
Wyoming Public Media would like to officially welcome a new member to our team.
Gillette Group Plans Rally And Quran Burning
At a rally this weekend in Gillette, a Wyoming anti-Islam group is planning to burn a Quran.  

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Grand Teton National Park
Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Grand Teton National park
A parasitic amoeba that can cause fatal brain infections has been found in Grand Teton National Park. 

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Cattle Grazing in Water
More Grazing Conflicts Likely If Federal Agencies Don't Improve Accountability
In a new report, the Government Accountability Office criticizes public lands agencies for poor management of grazing permits. 

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WPM In The Press
'Engine Block Burritos' — And Other Road Trip Tips From Touring Musicians
Many musicians spend their lives on the road. And the ones who want to stay healthy and keep their wallets intact have developed some tricks of the trade.
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Wyoming Public Radio Expands Music
The music service will focus on singer-songwriters and local and regional musicians. It will also include blues, soul, reggae and world music.
Ten Great Episodes Celebrating The NPS Centennial
To celebrate the National Parks Service turning 100-years-old, the blog, Between Two Earbuds, mentioned Wyoming Public Media's HumaNature podcast.
HD Radio Available In Wyoming

Most cars manufactured in the last two years have HD Radio built right in. There are also many HD capable table top and portable radios available through Best Buy or Amazon. There are no additional costs to HD Radio and it is not the same as Satellite Radio. You can find Wyoming Public Radio's main programming under HD-1, Classical Wyoming under HD-2, and Wyoming Sounds under HD-3. For more information about HD Radio email Paul Montoya at For the complete list of cities that can receive HD Radio in Wyoming click here.

Providing great music with a western edge.
Christina Kuzmych
General Manager
Wyoming Public Media
"Fall fund drive is right around the corner, and WPM has a wish. We wish that Wyomingites who regularly listen to WPM without pledging get truly inspired this year to make a pledge and join their fellow listeners in supporting their public radio station. It’s every GM’s wish, but it doesn’t get fulfilled  -- at least not totally! Nationally  only 1 of 10 listeners pledge their financial support to their public radio service. In Wyoming, it’s slightly better – 1.5 of 10 listeners are supporting members of WPM. This year, in fiscally challenged Wyoming, this number will have to change. Like most state entities, WPM experienced cuts that will affect our services. Fortunately, this situation can be largely alleviated. A small donation by many people who appreciate having public radio in Wyoming will go a long way to bridge the fiscal gaps. Remember – it doesn’t take much money to support public radio, it just takes many dedicated individuals.  If you have never pledged, try it. It can be transformational! It makes everything you hear on the radio or access online or on your iPhone possible!"
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