General Manager Newsletter | December 2016 
First Lady of Wyoming, Carol Mead. Photo courtesy of
Celebrating 50 Years

"Wyoming Public Radio brings news, public & cultural affairs, music, entertainment and so much more to Wyoming communities. There is one aspect of Wyoming Public Radio that is dear to my heart, and that's the strong investment in reporting on education. Wyoming Public Radio dedicates a full-time reporter just to issues dealing with education in Wyoming. Having our public radio station cover state issues, yet devote so much time to education is a gift to Wyoming. Wyoming Public Radio is a great state resource and it enriches our lives."

First Lady Of Wyoming - Carol Mead

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Salome. Photo courtesy of The Metropolitan Opera    
Metropolitan Opera Guide
WPM brings you another season from The Metropolitan Opera, which will air every Saturday on Classical Wyoming from December 3 through May 13. For more information on how to listen click here.
WPM's Natural Resources Reporter Stephanie Joyce. Photo courtesy of Caroline Ballard   
Refugees In Georgia
WPM's Natural Resources Reporter, Stephanie Joyce, leaves us this month to report on refugees in the country of Georgia. As a recipient of the Above the Fray Fellowship  Stephanie will spend some time at the NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. and will then head to Georgia for three months.
University of Wyoming Commencement Ceremony. Photo courtesy of University of Wyoming Photo Services
2016 Fall Commencement
WPM's Morning Music Host Grady Kirkpatrick and Cultural Affairs Director Micah Schweizer served as announcers for the University of Wyoming's 2016 Fall Commencement Ceremonies at the Arts & Sciences Auditorium. Congratulations Fall 2016 graduates!
Left to Right: UW Professor Maggi Murdock, UW Professor & Historian Phil Roberts, Wyoming Supreme Court Justices Kate Fox and Keith Kautz, and WPM General Manager Christina Kuzmych
1st Amendment Course
WPM General Manager, Christina Kuzmych  joined  Wyoming Supreme Court Justices  Kate Fox and Keith Kautz, as well as UW Professor &  Historian Phil Roberts in a course taught by UW Professor Maggi Murdock. The course discussed the First Amendment and its application to our lives.
Big Hollow Bluegrass of Laramie, WY playing live at the Wyoming Public Media Holiday Open House. Photo courtesy of Diana Denison
Holiday Open House
On Friday December 9, WPM held its annual Holiday Open House. Big Hollow Bluegrass played live at noon which was live-streamed by WPM's Media Coordinator Anna Rader. Listeners, community members, and UW Staff stopped by to sip on some hot apple cider and enjoy the holiday ambiance.

Watch the band play here.
December raffle winner, UW Student Vivek Patel. Not pictured, Haley Smith. Photo courtesy of Anna Rader
December Raffle Winners
Congratulations to University of Wyoming students Vivek Patel and Haley Smith for winning the WPM December raffle. Wyoming Public Media will be in the UW Union again on a Friday with more free swag and another free raffle! See you all there! 
HumaNature Picks Up Some Air Time
Alaska Public Media has picked up three, hour-long HumaNature specials for broadcast, and KRZA in Alamosa, Colorado will be airing Episode 5.

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WPM's Media Assistant Nicholas Jesse. Photo courtesy of Anna Rader
WPM E-Newsletter Mentioned By NPR's Scoop
The WPM E-Newsletter has received a lot of positive feedback for its easy-to-follow design and engaging visual appeal. NPR's Scoop publication says, "WPM's Media Assistant Nicholas Jesse is getting praise galore from donors and staff for the station's  monthly e-news. Published at the end of each month, the newsletter is organized to be 'user friendly, visually appealing, while still embodying the station's mission.'" 
WPM's Broadcast Associate Erin Jones. Photo courtesy of Facebook
Doubleday Award
Congratulations to WPM's Broadcast Associate Erin Jones for winning the Wyoming Arts Council's 2017  Doubleday Award, which honors the best writing by a female writer.
Wyoming Public Media welcomes new members to our team  
S Col. William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, center, and others at the entrance to the cave at the newly designated Shoshone Cavern National Monument west of Cody, Wyo., 1909. Photo courtesy of the Wyoming State Archives
A Public Land Transfer Gone Wrong: A Wyoming Historian Tells A Cautionary Tale
Back in the 1950s, a national monument was handed over to the city of Cody. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards chatted with Buffalo Bill Museum curator Jeremy Johnston about why the Shoshone Caverns monument ultimately ended up back in federal hands.

Cassidy Newkirk signs a printed copy of her painting. Photo courtesy of Cassidy Newkirk
Strange Things Happen When Student Paints USS Arizona
Last year, the Arisona Final Salute Foundation asked UW student Cassidy Newkirk to paint the sinking of the USS Arizona during the attack on Pearl Harbor. As soon as she began the work, Newkirk said strange things started happening.

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Korean Veteran Hugh Ridgely moved into his truck after heavy rains destroyed his roof. Photo courtesy of Melodie Edwards
On Rural Reservations, Homelessness Less Visible Than Elsewhere
There’s a housing crisis going on at the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming. For its fast growing population of 15,000 residents, there aren’t nearly enough homes to go around, and very little funding to build more. The problem has led to high rates of homelessness in Fremont County.

Wyoming band J Shogren Shanghai'd of Centennial, WY. Photo courtesy of J Shogren Shanghai'd
Here & Now DJ Sessions
WPM's Morning Music Host Grady Kirkpatrick was on the Here & Now DJ Sessions nationwide to promote five different Wyoming musicians; Luke Bell of Cody, WY, The Patti Fiasco of Encampment, WY, J Shogren Shanghai'd of Centennial/Laramie, WY, Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons of Jackson, WY, and Canyon Kids of Jackson, WY. WPM Engineers Paul Montoya and Ben Slater helped with setup.
2016's Best Audio Stories
HumaNature's Hoofprints On The Heart episode was picked by Bello Collective (a podcast/audio storytelling publication) as one of 2016's best audio stories.
6 Podcasts About Science, Nature, & The Environment
WPM's  HumaNature was recommended by one of Bello Collective's newsletter subscribers as "one of the most underrated shows out there that more people should listen to."
Christina Kuzmych
General Manager
Wyoming Public Media
"Close to 300 non-profits and charities were honored during WPM’s Giving Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who called in or e-mailed their favorite organizations. As the giving season comes to a close, please consider a gift that benefits others!
This has been a very interesting year in many respects. It has been a challenging one for WPM
as well. I can’t let it go by without honoring the professionals who work at WPM. They are equal to or better than many in our industry, and WPM is indeed lucky. From the engineers who keep our statewide signals on the air, to our talented
award-winning producers, news reporters, digital managers, and fundraisers, WPM professionals
are here to create, support, and deliver a top-notch product. Our business  managers and outreach personnel keep the station running, and student employees, interns and volunteers are a joy to work with. Without our talented staff, there would
be no public radio in Wyoming. And without your support and loyalty, they would not have the opportunity to make great radio and media for Wyoming. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!"
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