General Manager Newsletter | October 2016 
Ann Noble
Celebrating 50 Years

"In much of rural Wyoming, like Cora, we have few radio stations reaching our dials. Fortunately one that does is Wyoming Public Radio. This statewide service provides great news and entertainment. Living in Wyoming, especially in the rural areas, requires a lot of traveling. When I leave my home in Cora and travel across the state to attend a meeting or shop in one of our larger cities, I’m always appreciative of Wyoming Public Radio. The long drives on our highways can transition from monotony to pleasure thanks to the variety of programming provided by Wyoming Public Radio. Thank you for all you do for us."

Ann Noble - Cora, Wyoming

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Peter Allen

Metropolitan Opera Radio Announcer, Peter Allen. Photo courtesy of The New York Times 

Metropolitan Radio: Remembering Peter Allen (1920-2016)
" The Metropolitan Opera mourns the death of Peter Allen, our radio announcer for 29 years. Peter became the host of the Metropolitan Opera Saturday Afternoon Radio Broadcasts on January 4, 1975, succeeding Milton Cross, who had been the series' announcer since its inception in 1931. With his deep knowledge and love of opera, Peter was the enlivening host for our broadcasts until his retirement in 2004. In addition, he was a beloved colleague and friend to all the members of the company who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him. We extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends, and his many fans around the world for whom his voice was the singular voice of the Met." - The Metropolitan Opera
Election 2016
National and State Election Coverage
The election is just days away and there is no better source of coverage than Wyoming Public Media. Tune in November 8th at 6:00 p.m. to hear home based coverage of the Presidential Election. We will have a complete wrap up of the Wyoming races during Morning Edition on November 9.  
Ira Glass Event
(Left) Jen and Robb Hicks (Buffalo, WY) with Ira Glass. (Right) Photo of young professionals, Chynna Lockett (Rapid City, SD), Ashley & Kelly Buell Schoenman (Fort Collins, CO), and Tyler Hill (Colorado Springs, CO).    
Ira's Visit To Laramie
This month, Wyoming Public Media had the privilege to host This American Life's Ira Glass at the Laramie High School Auditorium. In his presentation, Seven Things I've Learned, Glass provided an in-depth account of the seven most important things that he has learned during his radio career. People from all over the region attended and enjoyed the public radio ambiance.
Christina Kuzmych
Wyoming Public Media General Manager Christina Kuzmych. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Public Media
Wyoming in Pittsburgh
Wyoming Public Media General Manager Christina Kuzmych attended the Public Radio Satellite Services conference presentation in Pittsburgh, PA. PRSS provides national satellite connection for WPM's infrastructure, and our GM is part of their station advisory board, representing the Wyoming network.  
Leigh Patterson
Inside Energy Reporter, Leigh Paterson. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Public Media
Denver Awaits
Inside Energy Reporter, Leigh Paterson transfers to Denver, Colorado this month. She will continue reporting for Inside Energy and will still be heard on WPM.

" I have loved getting to know the state during my time at Wyoming Public Radio, especially the windy grasslands of Campbell County where I spent many reporting trips covering the coal industry." - Leigh Paterson
Anna Rader and Nicholas Jesse
Left to right: Social Media Coordinator, Anna Rader and Media Assistant, Nicholas Jesse.
Gaining Student Visibility
Wyoming Public Media tabled in the University of Wyoming Student Union during homecoming week. This is a new effort to introduce University of Wyoming students to their state's public radio station. With the success of our first tabling promotion, Wyoming Public Media will be tabling once per month in the Union with free swag, a free raffle, and information about the station.
Andrew Golden
University of Wyoming Student, Andrew Golden. Photo Courtesy of Anna Rader
HumaNature T-Shirt Winner
Congratulations to University of Wyoming Student Andrew Golden on being the winner of last month's raffle for the HumaNature
T-shirt. Wyoming Public Media will be in the UW Union again on Friday November 11, 2016 with more swag and another raffle! See you all there!
The Watchers. Photo courtesy of Susan Nelson
Photography Contest
The annual Photography Contest concluded with 12 total winners; four in each of the three categories. The winners were determined via online public voting. This year we received over 60 entries, many of which will be used as holiday and yearly cards. Congratulations to our talented entrants.

View the gallery here.
Stephanie Joyce
Wyoming Public Media Reporter, Stephanie Joyce. Photo courtesy of Caroline Ballard
Stephanie Joyce Selected As Above The Fray Fellow
Wyoming Public Media's Stephanie Joyce is the seventh recipient of NPR's and The John Alexander Project's joint international reporting program, the Above the Fray Fellowship. Joyce will spend three months reporting from the country of Georgia.

Caroline Ballard
Wyoming Public Media Reporter, Caroline Ballard. Photo courtesy of Luke Anderson
HumaNature's Sounds Of Wild Wyoming
Wyoming Public Media's Caroline Ballard was interviewed by Via Magazine for her work with the HumaNature podcast.

Maggie Mullen
Wyoming Public Media Reporter, Maggie Mullen. Photo courtesy of  Wyoming Public Media
A Newsworthy Promotion
Casper native and Wyoming Public Media part-time reporter, Maggie Mullen, was promoted to full-time anchor and reporter.  Maggie started out at WPM working as an Intern in the news department. Her talent and enthusiasm were evident from the start, and her reporting had already garnered favorable reviews.
Bob Beck
Wyoming Public Media News Director, Bob Beck. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Public Media
Statewide Congressional Debate Panelist
Wyoming Public Media's News Director, Bob Beck served as a panelist on the only statewide congressional debate sponsored by the Casper Star, Wyoming PBS, and Casper College. It was broadcast by Wyoming PBS and WPM on October 20.

Watch the Wyoming congressional debate here.
Wyoming Public Media welcomes new members to our team  
Edison Elder
Kaycee McNinch
Bob Moore
Wild Horses
Wild Horses. Photo courtesy of Dan Hayward
Wild Horses Migrate, But Where Do They Go?
There is little currently known about the migration patterns of wild horses. The GPS collars are the latest in wildlife tracking technology and will allow the researchers to get real time information on the animals via a satellite.

Ryan Greene
U.S. House Candidate, Ryan Greene. Photo courtesy of Ryan Greene
U.S. House Candidate Ryan Greene Discusses Issues Facing Wyoming
Democrat Ryan Greene has an uphill battle. He is trying to become the first Democrat to serve Wyoming in Congress since the late Teno Roncalio left office in 1978.

Chris Thile
Host of 'A Prairie Home Companion' Chris Thile. Photo courtesy of A Prairie Home Companion/American Public Media
New Host Looks To Expand Show's Sound & Audience
After more than 40 years of hosting ‘A Prairie Home Companion,’ Garrison Keillor is handing the show over to his hand-picked successor, mandolinist Chris Thile, who debuts as the show’s new host this weekend.

Listen Here
Stay Informed
WPM In The Press
Morning Edition
Obama To Discuss Controversial Pipeline With Tribal Leaders
The federal decision to stop work on the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to have consultation with the tribes may mark a turning point in relationships with tribes over infrastructure projects.
Here and Now
Political Change Powers Up Wyoming's Wind Industry
There are few places in the country with more wind energy potential than Wyoming, but the state has seen almost no new wind turbines built in six years, even while wind has boomed in the rest of the country.
Audible Feast
Delicious Ingredients
Wyoming Public Media's HumaNature podcast was featured in Audible Feast's Delicious Ingredients which is a weekly selection of "the scrumptious, delectable, savory, rich, sweet, spicy, and best podcast episodes."

Christina Kuzmych
General Manager
Wyoming Public Media
"Wyoming Public Media's Fall 2016 Fund Drive goal was met, and our listeners are the true winners!  Renewing and sustaining members stepped up to the plate with support, and appeals to new members were met, as more listeners pledged their support to WPM for the first time.  Each donation to WPM is critical, not only in its dollar value, but in its member value. Members matter!  One of the strongest indicators of support for public radio in a community or state is measured in the number of members a station or network can generate. This is a key number that persuades other members, foundations, and granting agencies to view WPM as a valuable and vibrant resource to the population it serves. In Wyoming, the member number is even more critical because over 60 percent of our operating funding comes from individuals and businesses. We are truly a state network, with the entire state coming together to make public radio strong in Wyoming. Well done, WPM members!"
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