General Manager Newsletter | June 2017 
  Updates from the General Manager
Christina Kuzmych 
General Manager  
Wyoming Public Media
Celebrating 50 Years
Like most Wyoming people who live in the country, I usually get up early in the morning when the eastern sky starts to glow. I stumble blurry-eyed into the kitchen, make a pot of strong coffee, and listen to the news on Wyoming Public Radio while planning my day. Listening to the news is important to me. It keeps me informed about international, national, and Wyoming events and issues. And this is real, old-fashioned news, not this newfangled "fake news" currently causing a buzz. I want facts. Wyoming Public Radio provides the accurate information I need in order to be a better citizen. That's why I love Wyoming Public Radio.

Tory Taylor of Dubois Wyoming
Launch Of WPM's Newest Podcast, Spoken Words
Wyoming Public Media is excited to announce the launch of our newest podcast, Spoken Words, expanding our podcast portfolio to four. Spoken Words features authors writing from or about the West, reading from their works and discussing wide-ranging topics: from their careers and the writing process to broader questions about the nature of identity and the West.
Broadcasting Attorney Visits WPM
Broadcasting Attorney Ernest Sanchez visited WPM from Washington, D.C. this month to provide the station with an FCC update.
Mongolian Reporter Visits WPM
Mongolian Reporter Tselmeg from a Mongolian TV station in Ulaan Batar visited WPM as part of a 4H exchange program. Alanna Elder, a part-time reporter here, participated in this same program several years ago. Pictured are Tselmeg and WPM Broadcast Associate Erin Jones.
Reveal Wins Murrow Awards
WPM's Education Reporter Tennessee Watson was the recipient of a National Edward R. Murrow Award for a documentary she produced while reporting for Reveal.
WPM Receives PRNDI Awards
WPM's News Director Bob Beck won first place for the Best Use of Sound in his story: UW Choral Music Director Becomes Record Setting Power Lifter.
WPM's Cultural Affairs & Production Director Micah Schweizer won first place for Best Interview in his story: From High Society To The High Plains: Neltje's Life Outside The Lines.
WPM's Reporter Melodie Edwards won second place for Best Investigative/Enterprise in her story: Overcrowded Lives: The First In A Series On The Reservation Housing Shortage
The Paris Accord
NPR's newscast aired WPM Natural Resources and Energy Reporter Cooper McKim's story about the how the Paris Accord withdrawal affects the coal industry.
Heavy Rotation: The Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing
WPM's Cultural Affairs and Production Director Micah Schweizer was featured on NPR's Heavy Rotation where he shared his top new music picks... Read More
Tribal Group Petitions For Wolf Protection Zone
WPM Reporter Melodie Edwards' story about a tribal group's proposal to create a 31 mile "sacred resources protection zone" for wolves was aired by National Native News... Listen Here
Native American High Schoolers Walk Out On Theater Production
WPM Reporter Melodie Edwards' story about Native American high school students walking out of a performance of "The Fantastics" was aired by National Native News... Listen Here
Wyoming Toads Start To Recover As States Seek Endangered Species Act Overhaul
WPM Natural Resources and Energy Reporter Cooper McKim's story about the Wyoming Toad and the Endangered Species Act aired on NPR's All Things Considered... Listen Here
Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Removed From Endangered Species List
WPM Natural Resources and Energy Reporter Cooper McKim's spot about the Yellowstone grizzly bear delisting aired on NPR's All Things Considered.
Delicious Ingredients: Best Podcasts For June 24 - 30, 2017
WPM's podcast HumaNature was featured on Audible Feast's weekly blog that highlights certain podcasts for their rich content... Read More
Hannah Finch | Corporate Development Volunteer
Hannah Finch is a senior at Arizona State University majoring in both Marketing and Psychology. She is originally from Arizona but has lots of family in Wyoming and loves to visit any chance that she gets. Hannah's favorite things to do are to go on outdoor adventures, such as exploring caves or hiking to hidden water holes.
Jamie Hampton | Cultural Affairs Intern
Jamie Hampton is going into her senior year in the Journalism program at the University of Wyoming. She has known since 5th grade that she wanted to write about musicians for a career and has been working toward that goal since then. She loves to go on hikes, drink coffee, spend time with family and friends, cuddle cats, and of course, attend concerts whether they are in the local music scene or across the country.
An Astronomer Offers Advice For Viewing A Total Eclipse Of The Sun
Wyoming is scrambling to prepare for the August 21st total solar eclipse which could attract so many people here that it'll double the state's population... Listen Here
ExploreWYO Brings Hidden Attractions Into View
If you’re looking for a way to spice up your summer road trips here in Wyoming, there’s a new tool to enjoy landmarks you might otherwise miss... Read More
Jackson Commits To Paris Accord
The Jackson town council has voted unanimously to join other cities and states around the country to commit to the Paris Climate accord, an agreement among 196 of the world’s nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions... Read More
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