General Manager Newsletter | September 2017 
Christina Kuzmych | General Manager
Wyoming Sounds Host Interviews Cheech Marin
Wyoming Sounds Host, Paul Montoya, interviewed Cheech Marin whose art exhibition, " Papel Chicano Dos: Works on Paper from the Cheech Marin Collection,” was put on display at the UW Art Museum beginning September 23rd.
HumaNature Hits SiriusXM
WPM's award-winning podcast HumaNature recently celebrated its second anniversary and Season 3 is now underway. The show has increased production, so new episodes are now released every two weeks. You can listen at the show’s redesigned website , or subscribe on iTunes or GooglePlay so new episodes are automatically downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer. We're also excited to announce that SiriusXM satellite radio has added HumaNature to its weekly lineup! The show airs Tuesday nights on SiriusXM Insight 121.
WPM Reporter Heads To D.C.
In September, the Energy and Environment desk at NPR flew WPM's Energy and Natural Resources Reporter Cooper McKim to the D.C. headquarters. Cooper was able to meet fellow energy and natural resources reporters from Alaska to Georgia, as well as reporters from the network.
People On Wind River Reservation Discuss Repatriation From Carlisle
National Native News picked up WPM Reporter Melodie Edwards' story about the remains of Native American children being returned to the Wind River Reservation... Listen Here
Spoken Words Sits Down With C.J. Box
A recent episode of Spoken Words, featured a conversation with New York Times bestselling author C.J. Box about his new book, Vicious Circle.
WPM Journalist Turned Artist
WPM's Education Reporter Tennessee Watson collaborated on a piece called Portrait of Sylvia Elena with the artist Swoon, part of her retrospective show currently on view at the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. Together they created an installation featuring the portrait of Sylvia Elena who was murdered in 1995 and an audio piece about her mother's struggle for justice, which plays through a phone in a recreated living room.
New Saratoga Station On Air
WPM's Engineers are pleased to announce the station's newest signal out of Saratoga that is airing from Elk Mountain on 88.9 FM.
Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest
WPM hosted a photo contest in September. Entries will be posted on WPM's website.
Relive The Solar Eclipse
If you missed the spectacular total solar eclipse in August—or want to relive it—the new episode of WPM's The Modern West podcast features stories from the historic event .
Close To 80 Percent Of Wyoming Waterways Downgraded
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is allowing a reclassification of nearly 80 percent of Wyoming’s waterways as secondary contact recreation... Read More
New & Renewing Underwriters!
Rawlins Music Academy, Car Quest, Clure Brothers of Cheyenne, Contour Investment Properties, Fitzgerald Foundation for Children, Income Focus Portfolio Management, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, UW College of Health Science, Pinedale Half Marathon, RT Communications, The Art of Cheese, The Lexington, Trinkle Brass Works, Inc., United Way, University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Wyoming Saturday University, UW American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming Theatre and Dance, University of Wyoming Center for Global Studies, Wyoming Cardiopulmonary Services, PC, Wyoming PBS, Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, and the Wyoming Arts Council.
Wild-Born Black-Footed Ferret Kits Found Outside Of Meeteetse
Wyoming biologists have spotted the first wild-born black-footed ferrets in over 35 years. They were found this week at a ranch outside of Meeteetse... Listen Here
Wyoming Ends Program Supporting Migrant Students
Farm worker families often have to move from state to state to find work, and that makes school challenging for their kids... Listen Here
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