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February 2017
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2017! Transatlantic is topping the charts as we move into the new year: #1 Children's Agency Dealmaker in Canada according to Publisher's Marketplace. Looking forward to a great year - and many more deals - ahead!

We hope to see many of you in Bologna in the spring. Fiona, Amy and David will be attending the fair this year. All our wonderful clients are working to produce very strong picture book texts, glorious illustrations, compelling middle grade and powerful YA fiction.

As always, contact information is listed with each of the titles featured below. Please feel free to contact the corresponding agent if you have questions regarding specific titles.

Wishing you all the very best,


North American

World English rights to for Vicki Grant's YA novel, 36 QUESTIONS THAT CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT YOU to Adrienne Szpyrka at Running Press. This is the story of two strangers with two heartbreaking secrets who answer 36 questions to see if they can fall in love. Inspired by the psychology study in the NYT "Modern Love" piece, the novel is told in the language of modern romance, including texting, Q&A, and IM. Publication is scheduled for fall of 2017. Contact: 

English rights in Canada to Jennifer Irwin's debut novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE, HOCKEY AND BALLROOM DANCING (middle grade), to Patricia Ocampo at Simon & Schuster Canada, for publication in fall 2018. This is a middle grade novel that's both poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, best described as Billy Elliot meets Then Again, Maybe I Won't. Contact:

World rights to CHRISTMAS AT SADDLE CREEK by Shelley Peterson (YA) to Carrie Gleason at Dundurn, for publication in 2017. This is a special Christmas-themed book that wraps up the beloved Saddle Creek series. Contact:

World rights to BODY SWAP by Sylvia McNicoll to Carrie Gleason at Dundurn for publication in 2018. This dual-narrative YA novel concerns a self-obsessed teenager who accidentally swaps bodies with a grumpy 82 year-old pensioner. Contact:

Andrew Larsen World rights to THROWING SEED BALLS by Andrew Larsen to Yvette Ghione and Semareh Al-Hillal at Kids Can Press in a two picture book deal. Larsen is the award-winning author of the picture books  A Squiggly Story and The Imaginary Garden. Contact:

Kassandra Reich Kass Reich will illustrate MEGABAT, the chapter book by Anna Humphrey, which sold to Samantha Swenson at Tundra Books/Penguin Random House Canada for world rights. Contact: 

World rights to three picture books sold to Quarry Press in Canada to launch their debut picture book list: SNARKY SHARKS by Stephanie Shaw, illustrated by Gesine Kratzner. A witty, cautionary tale about a pair of rude sharks who get their comeuppance... or do they? Publishing in spring 2018; NAUGHTY CROCODILE illustrated by Kass Reich, with a text by Philippa Forrester about whether a crocodile makes a good pet. Publishing fall 2018; and LOST AND FOUND LENA illustrated by Jason Baskin, with a text by Jennifer Gillies about a little girl who excels at losing things. Publishing spring 2018. Contact:

World rights to two Minecraft books,  CREEPERS CHRISTMAS and SECRETS OF AN OVERWORLD SURVIVOR , by Alex Pollan (Erin Falligant) to Monica Sweeney at Hollan Publishing/Skypony Press. Contact:  

Eric Walters World English rights (ex/Canada English) in MAMMOTH by Eric Walters to Dinah Stevenson at Clarion Books for publication in 2018. MAMMOTH is We Bought a Zoo meets Jurassic Park: a middle grade animal-story-with-a-twist, in which Ella has more than she can handle when her family farm's newest baby elephant turns out to be...a woolly mammoth. Canada/English rights sold to Lynne Missen at Penguin Random House Canada. Contact:

World rights to 90 DAYS TO DIFFERENT by Eric Walters to Andrew Wooldridge at Orca Book Publishers for publication in 2018. 90 DAYS TO DIFFERENT is a YA novel about the perfect high-school senior whose best friend decides Sophie needs to shake it up, devising three months' worth of life-changing - and definitely out-of-her-comfort-zone-feeling - challenges and adventures. Contact:

Foreign Rights 

Turkish rights to MORT ZIFF IS NOT DEAD by Cary Fagan (9-12) to Tudem Eğitim Hizmetleri San. Tic. A.Ş. Contact:

For Orca
Represented by Amy Tompkins,

Australia/New Zealand rights to STEPPING STONES: A Refugee Family's Journey by Margriet Ruurs illustrated by Nizar Ali Badr (picture book 4-8) to University of Queensland Press.

Portuguese rights in Brazil to STEPPING STONES: A Refugee Family's Journey by Margriet Ruurs and illustrated by Nizar Ali Badr to Moderna.

Vietnamese rights to STEPPING STONES: A Refugee Family's Journey by Margriet Ruurs and Nizar Ali Badr to Kimdong.

Danish rights to CABIN GIRL by Kristin Butcher (10-14), OFF THE GRID by Lesley Choyce (12+), and RIOT ACT by Diane Tullson (12+) to Nyt Dansk Litteraturselskab.

Korean rights to BIRTHDAYS: Beyond Cake and Ice Cream by Nikki Tate and Dani Tate-Stratton (non-fiction 9-12) to Green Frog.

Korean rights to POCKET CHANGE: Pitching In For A Better World by Michelle Mulder (non-fiction 9-12) to Green Frog.

Korean rights to FORENSICS SQUAD UNLEASHED by Monique Polak to Chungnyunsa Publishing (9-12).

For Islandport
Represented by Amy Tompkins,

Simplified Chinese rights to three books in the Cooper & Packrat Series by Tamra Wight and illustrated by Carl DiRocco (9-12) to Beijing Publishing House Group Ltd. MYSTERY ON PINE LAKE, MYSTERY OF THE EAGLE'S NEST and MYSTERY OF THE MISSING FOX are middle grade novels with environmental themes featuring junior forest warden Cooper Wilder and his best friend Packrat.

Simplified Chinese rights to NIC AND NELLIE by Astrid Sheckels (picture book 4-9) to Oriental Kids & Babies.

Accolades and Awards
BEWARE THAT GIRL by Teresa Toten was named by the Ontario Library Association one of its YA "Best Bets" for 2016. Chosen "on the basis of literary/artistic merit as well as appeal for young adults."

STEPPING STONES: A Refugee Family's Journey (picture book 4-8) is a Canadian bestseller, appeared on Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2016 list, and has been named a Notable Book for Global Society by the Children´s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group.

PRIDE: Celebrating Diversity and Community by Robin Stevenson (non-fiction 12+) has been named a Mike Morgan & Larry Romans Children's and YA Literature Award honor book at the Stonewall Book Awards, appears on the Rainbow List, and was a starred selection on the Canadian Children's Book Centre (CCBC) Best Books list. Stevenson's YA novel UNDER THREAT (12+) is also on the Rainbow List and on the CCBC Best Books list.

THE WAY BACK FROM BROKEN by Amber Keyser (YA 12+) is a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature.

A SQUIGGLY STORY by Andrew Larsen was a Kirkus Best Book for 2016 and has been shortlisted for the Colorado Libraries Early Learning Award 2017.

HAMSTERS ON THE GO! by Kass Reich and SMALL BONES by Vicki Grant both appeared on the CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2016 list.

STORMSTRUCK by John Macfarlane named a Julia Howe Ward Children's/Young Adult Highly Recommended Book for 2016.

THE V-WORD edited by Amber Keyser and featuring stories by Amber, Kiersi Burkhart, and Sarah Mirk, was named a New York Public Library top 50 books for teens in 2016, a 2017 Rainbow Book List selection, and an ALA Reluctant Reader book.

WAKE UP, ISLAND by Mary Casanova was featured on NPR and won an "Honorable Mention" for the National Outdoor Book Award for 2016.

WHAT IS PEACE? by Wallace Edwards is a recommended read for TD Summer Reading Club, 2017.

CLARA HUMBLE AND THE NOT-SO-SUPER POWERS by Anna Humphrey (8-11) is also a recommended read for the TD Summer Reading Club this year, as well as being selected by the Ontario Library Association as a "Best Bet".

Nikki Tate's DEEP ROOTS: How Trees Sustain Our Planet (non-fiction 9-12) was selected by the New York Public Library for their list of Best Books for Kids and Teens, and was a starred selection the CCBC Best Books list.

RODENT by Lisa J. Lawrence (12+) was on the Kirkus Best Books of 2016 list.

PHOEBE SOUNDS IT OUT by Julie Zwillich & illustrated by Denise Holmes (picture book 4-8), MORT ZIFF IS NOT DEAD by Cary Fagan (9-12), and SHOOTER by Caroline Pignat (12+) are all on the School Library Journal Sneek Peek list of highly anticipated titles by the SLJ review editors.

Congratulations to Maureen Fergus whose book A DOG DAY FOR SUSAN was selected as a Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Book.

Three cheers for Transatlantic client Jan Andrews, named to the Order of Canada "for her contributions to Canadian culture as a children's book author and as a pioneer of Canada's storytelling movement." Jan's latest YA novel, the groundbreaking story of a boy who has stopped speaking ("no one listens to me anyway"), THE SILENT SUMMER OF KYLE MCGINLEY, is currently on offer. World Rights Available Ex: English in Canada, Great Plains Publications.

New Publications
DRAWN AWAY by Holly Bennett (12+), published January by Orca - One minute Jack's in math class. The next, he's on a dark, cobblestoned, empty street. Empty, that is, except for a skinny girl wrapped in a threadbare shawl. "Matches, mister?" she asks, and just like that, Jack's life collides with one of Hans Christian Andersen's grimmest tales. World rights excluding English in North America are available. Contact:

FINDING JADE by Mary Jennifer Payne (12+), published December 2016 by Dundurn - The year is 2030, and climate change is making life on Earth more challenging. In the midst of it all, fourteen-year-old Jasmine Guzman is struggling to come to terms with the abduction of her twin sister, Jade, and with her mother's illness. Things go from bad to worse when a series of bizarre occurrences make Jasmine wonder if she's losing her mind. But, with help from Raphael, a boy at her new school, Jasmine learns she actually has special powers that are putting her life in danger. Most surprising of all, she learns that her sister isn't missing ... Jasmine just needs to look in the right place: The-Place-in-Between, where the demons dwell. Contact:

DEADPOINT by Nikki Tate (10+), published January by Orca - Ayla loves climbing. But she prefers to climb indoors, with all her safety harnesses in place and soft mats to land on. Her climbing partner and best friend, Lissy, is much more adventurous and loves the outdoors. When Lissy starts hanging out with Carlos, the new thrill-seeking guy in town, Ayla wants to keep an eye on her and finds herself tagging along on a weekend climbing trip up Black Dog Mountain. But things go very wrong when Lissy and her dad, the only adult in the group, are badly injured high on the side of the mountain. Suddenly the risks of climbing become very real. Ayla and Carlos need to figure out how to get help, and every decision they make could have catastrophic consequences. World rights excluding English in North America available. Contact:

ICE-OUT by Mary Casanova (YA 14+) published September 2016 by University of Minnesota Press - Owen, smitten with the beautiful Sadie Rose, is struggling to make something of himself at a time when no one seems to hold the moral high ground. It is Prohibition-era Midwest: Bootlegging is rife, corruption is rampant, and lumber barons run roughshod over the people and the land. As hard as things seem when his father dies, they get considerably tougher and more complicated when Owen gets caught up on the suspicious deaths of a local sheriff and deputy. This is a story of young romance against terrible odds and true grit in a northern town divided between license and responsibility, rich and poor, and right and wrong in early twentieth-century America. Contact:

THE THIEF'S APPRENTICE by Bryan Methods (MG 9+) published October 2016 by Carolrhoda - All of London lives in fear of the Ruminating Claw! He's silent. He's ruthless. And he's been living inside Oliver Diplexito's family home. In fact, he's the man who serves Oliver his dinner! Late one night Oliver discovers his family butler, Mr. Scant, in hand-to-hand combat with an assassin. Oliver learns Mr. Scant has a secret life as an infamous thief. Expecting to become the Ruminating Claw's next victim, Oliver is astonished to be taken on as his apprentice in crime! Oliver and Mr. Scant become embroiled in the Edwardian criminal underworld. Mr. Scant is waging war on a sinister society of thieving tycoons, taking from the crooks and giving to the rightful owners. But when the society strikes back, it could mean doom for the Claw and his apprentice. Contact:

QUARTZ CREEK RANCH series by Kiersi Burkhart and Amber Keyser (MG 8+) published December 2016 by Carolrhoda - This character-driven, four book series is set on a Colorado Ranch for kids in trouble. Under the watchful eyes of lifelong ranchers, these ten to twelve-year-olds put their hands-and hearts-to good use, herding cattle, tending the garden, harvesting hay, and caring for animals. All of the children who arrive at the ranch are grappling with tough experiences, such as grief, depression, or family issues. The core of each story is the transformation of the main character through relationships he or she builds with the other kids, the ranch staff, and most importantly, with their horses. Contact:

BOUNCED by Ted Staunton (MG 9+) published January 2017 by Scholastic Canada. A detective story with as many laughs as there are twists and turns, from award-winning author Ted Staunton. Thirteen-year-old Duncan lives with his unconventional bohemian aunt. She's determined to give him an expensive private education, even though Duncan isn't particularly interested in school. He wants to be a detective like the ones in the World's Best 100 Detective Stories, which he reads when he should be studying. Fortunately for Duncan (and readers!), he gets something to detect in the first chapter of this funny crime mystery. Full of twists and turns and laugh-out-loud adventure, this highly entertaining story will have readers wondering if they've solved the mystery (and most likely they haven't) until the last page turn. Contact:

SKATEBOARDS and BICYCLES by Patricia Lakin (MG 9+) published
February 2017 by Simon & Schuster Aladdin. These are Patty's first two
books in her "Made by Hand" series, which teaches kids about the histories of their favourite toys. Patty takes readers behind the scenes so they can see how artisans craft one-of-a-kind skateboards and bicycles. The books also feature resources to inspire kids to make their own objects by hand. Contact 
Rave Reviews

Praise for THE V-WORD edited by Amber Keyser (Simon & Schuster):

"There's power in this reading experience, and delight and it feels a little like sitting around with friends trading stories. Authentic, intimate writing that encourages readers to join the conversation..."  -School Library Journal

Praise for BICYCLES by Patricia Lakin (Simon & Schuster):

"A must-have for school and public libraries in need of materials to support STEM curricula and maker spaces."  -School Library Journal

Praise for WHAT IS PEACE? by Wallace Edwards, (Scholastic Canada):

"Governor General Literary Award-winning author and illustrator Wallace Edwards explores the meaning of peace by pairing thought-provoking, open-ended comments with his signature, surreal paintings...Timely and contemplative, What is Peace? will undoubtedly spark discussion and reflection. Highly Recommended."  -CM Magazine

Praise for ALL THE DIRT: A HISTORY OF GETTING CLEAN by Katherine Ashenberg, illustrated by Capucine Mazille (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Annick Press):

" makes the history of cleanliness unexpectedly fun."  -Booklist

"Ashenburg's ... prose is tight and fun...accessible yet uncompromisingly smart language."  -Quill & Quire
"humorous cartoon images from illustrator Capucine Mazille keep the pages colorful and bright...even the most reluctant historians are sure to be delighted with this open look at hygiene from around the world"  -Foreword Reviews

Praise for STEPPING STONES: A REFUGEE FAMILY'S JOURNEY by Margriet Ruurs & illustrated by Nazar Ali Badr (World Rights Available Ex: English and Arabic in North America, Orca; Australia/New Zealand, UQP; German, Gerstenberg; Korean, Chosun Education; Portuguese in Brazil, Moderna; Vietnamese, Kimdong):

"It's exquisite! One can only pray that its message will spread and make the difference we need."  -Mem Fox, award winning and bestselling children's book author

Praise for WHAT MATTERS by Alison Hughes and Holly Hatam (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Orca):

"Hughes and Hatam make the powerful point that all children can help change the world...A charming addition that teaches about the interrelationships in nature and the importance of recycling. -School Library Journal

Praise for PANDAS ON THE EASTSIDE by Gabrielle Prendergast (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Orca):

"The spirited and likeable character Journey Song navigates a life filled with struggles in this novel set in 1970s Canada...Young readers who deal with tough challenges will identify with Journey Song."  -School Library Connection

Praise for LARK HOLDS THE KEY by Natasha Deen & illustrated by Marcus Cultler (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Orca):

"A problem-solving adventure led by a lovable character and enhanced with vocabulary lessons: there is much to celebrate in this story. Lark Ba is a welcome addition to early chapter book heroines."  -School Library Journal

Praise for DRAWN AWAY by Holly Bennett (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Orca):

"The Little Match Girl finds her way to modern-day Canada in this haunting adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's bleakest fairy tale ... A definite crowd-pleaser for fairy-tale enthusiasts and fantasy lovers."  -Kirkus Reviews

Praise for A DAY OF SIGNS AND WONDERS by Kit Pearson (World Rights Available Ex: English in Canada, HarperCollins Canada):

"Kit Pearson's novel is outstanding on many levels. With research and insight, she has depicted a Canadian icon as a child in a way to which young readers can relate." 
-CM Magazine

"Full of wonder itself, A Day of Signs and Wonders is a gorgeously-written story of grief, hope, and the power of friendship." -National Reading Campaign

New Clients
Simona Ceccarelli

Simona Ceccarelli is an author-illustrator. Simona was born in Italy and, after an exceptionally nerdy childhood, entered adult life with a passion for both art and science, a large library (which has been growing without control ever since) and the idea that life should rather be wide than long - better still if generous in both dimensions. She went on to study science, move to Germany and then to Switzerland, work as a research scientist, and travel the world.

Art eventually called her back to pursue "the road not taken." Since 2011 she has done illustration and animation projects for magazines, advertising, corporate marketing and scientific education and has been Creative Director in Corporate Communications.

Simona earned an MFA in Visual Development from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. She currently lives in Basel, Switzerland with her husband and two children and enjoys the view of the river Rhein while painting.

Simona is represented by Andrea Cascardi.

Tim Tingle

Tim Tingle is an Oklahoma Choctaw and an award-winning author and storyteller. His great-great grandfather, John Carnes, walked the Trail of Tears in 1835, and in 1993, Tim retraced the Trail of Tears to Choctaw homelands in Mississippi and began recording stories of tribal elders. He received his Masters Degree in English Literature at the University of Oklahoma with a focus on American Indian studies.

His first children's book, Crossing Bok Chitto, garnered over twenty state and national awards, and was a New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice. Tingle was a featured author and speaker at the 2014 National Book Festival in Washington, D.C., based on critical acclaim for How I Became a Ghost, which won the 2014 American Indian Youth Literature Award. In February of 2016, his novel House Of Purple Cedar won the American Indian Youth Literature Award.

Tim is represented by Andrea Cascardi.

Fleur's View
Photo Credit: Frank Gross
Fleur has found it hard to shake the holiday season hangover. Her world has been turned upside down - but she is thrilled to learn Transatlantic is topping the charts as we enter 2017. She was one of the first to "like" our Facebook page and she's just learned it's got over a thousand followers. Click on the Facebook link below to find out why!

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