"...Ripples turn into waves and get larger and larger as they work to the edges of your being..."--Source unknown
Ripples on the Beach
November, 2012   

              hurricane sandy at the shore  


                        Namaskaram.  How are you doing? 



Mother nature came through in full force through Sandy on October 29th. These last weeks have been surreal for many.  My heart goes out to everyone who has been displaced and effected from Sandy.  When Sandy happened, I was in Spain celebrating my 30 year wedding anniversary.  My family was lucky.  We lost the 100 foot tall tree to the right that is still in it's current horizontal state. We lost
100 foot tall tree power for five days but my dog and dog sitter were resourceful.  My daughter at NYU lost power.  School was canceled for the week.  My college daughter stayed with my aunt. Our small second floor beach condo was unaffected. The gas lines had started to subside upon returning home.  Yes, my family was lucky.  Lucky to just temporarily give up life's conveniences that are often taken for granted.

sand filling streets at the shore
The first floor unit of our beach condo was wiped out.  This was home to a mother and small child. The realtor's office next store was wiped out.  The local post office is gone.  People I know lost their homes.  Areas at the New Jersey shore were demolished.  Sand filled the streets. Mounds of sand.  The Police Chief from Tom's River witnessed 15 houses floating down Route 35!   My friend lost her car as it floated down a river in Newark.  Another friend who needed to get to her ill mother was challenged because live wires blocked in her cars.  Yoga studios were wiped out.  Small businesses demolished.   The latest report is over 72,000 homes were damaged or demolished and many will be bulldozed. We all have stories.  My heart cries and I am sure so do yours.

     The stories continue
The healing continuesThe rebuild begins

Everyone wants to get back to some sort of normalcy, although it is challenging when so many are shell shocked, displaying symptoms of PTSD and more. 

There are so many heroes who have put service first bringing needed supplies, clothes, food to so many.  Helping to strip down walls of houses and more. Others risked their lives to save another.  May we all continue to honor them and be honored to know them. 


seane corn Right here in NJ, there is so much going on to help so many who were effected and you can participate.  My new BFF, Seane Corn like me was out of the country when Hurricane Sandy hit.  When she returned, this Jersey girl put out to the Universe on FB, to do some sort of relief event.  The rest is history.  "OFF THE MAT AND INTO NJ" event is taking place on Saturday, December 22nd at OVATION HALL at REVEL HOTEL and Casino in Atlantic City. Revel has generously donated the space for this event and in conjunction with Exhale Spa who had a big hand in making venue happen.  This day of healing guided through Seane's heart and others, will be extraordinary.   This is an event by the community for the community.  All monies raised are going directly to help areas of NJ effected by Hurricane Sandy including Ocean, Middlesex, Hudson, Mommouth, Bergen, Essex County and more. We love our Garden State and we are all determined to rebuild it.   EVERYONE CAN BE INVOLVED and participate in this benefit whether you live in or near NJ or somewhere else in the world.  This event will be live streamed by STUDIO LIVE TV. 

Additionally, stay tune for classes that you will be able to view on studio live tv through making a donation for hurricane relief.  This event came together less than one week ago and many details are being finalized.  Please watch facebook, eletters for details on sign up, how to raise money to help the Garden State get back on its feet.  I was horrified yesterday morning when I heard comments in the news that some out of staters think New Jersey is running on normal now.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  The trains may finally all be back on their schedules but the shock and years of rebuild, stress from some not having flood insurance and losing their entire livelihood and homes is alive and real.

Off the Mat and Into NJ December 22nd event at REVEL is unfolding to be a haven of healing, inspiration, love and hope and true action.  We hope you will attend if you are in the area and if not, support this through a donation, watching the event or even donating wonderful products.  If you want to help out, please send an email as there is plenty to do before December 22nd. Spread the word.   

turkey cartoon Meanwhile, it is hard to believe that our day of giving thanks is on Thursday.  I invite you to join me for my annual "Birds Full of Gratitude" class at the Karuna Shala on Thanksgiving morning 8:30-10am.  This is a donation class and all proceeds are going to Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.  And to get you on the right footing before you start all your pre-thanksgiving cooking on Wednesday, please join me for my Wednesday 8:15am pre-turkey class at Bhakti Barn in Millburn.  

rise academy stretch We are smiling at some of the comments of children we teach at Newark Yoga Movement.  Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, we were teaching in a school and some of the 5th grade students informed the teacher that they were breathing in and out of their noses during the hurricane. What a good idea!  The other day, we taught four first grade classes in a school and a student said "Yoga is exercise but it is relaxing because you calm your mind down."  1st Grade!  I didn't say these things in first grade!  Newark yoga movement continues to go into new schools and sharing life tools of yoga with so many. What a treat for all.  

Want to be involved ? 
This all inclusive organization would be honored to have you.  If you are in Newark any Wednesday night, please join our FREE YOGA at One Washington Park lobby where the first 10 people get a FREE YOGA MAT5:45-6:45pm weekly, rain or shine. As you know, we are always inviting you to make a contribution to the organization but this month please do what you can to help those who have lost so much as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  We recommend  Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.   

Wednesdays 8am         Bhakti Barn, Millburn   Prana Flow with Core n' More 
Thursdays    9:30am    Karuna Shala, Glen Ridge  Prana Flow 



  2. Find 5 minutes a day to take a true break.
3. Buy a new calendar for 2013 and make it be the one created by Shiva Rea. It
    the most beautiful, thoughtful and well put together calendar I have seen.
4. Yogic Chai.   The best Chai tea in North America. 
5. Reading up on Gaudi.  He is one of the most underrated architects ever
6. Live in NJ? Dine at A Toute Heure in Cranford
7. Lend a helping hand to someone.
8. Ayurvedic Massage from The Karuna Shala
9. Want a good laugh?  Try paddle tennis.
10. Be really happy with what you have.  Embrace it. Remember what is important.

See you on or off the mat of life.  
Please enjoy living your yoga.  

debby head shot

Photo: L. Rutten 

Love, Debby