The In Between is the place between two worlds, two dimensions, or two Realms. When you straddle two locations at the same time you can experience two worlds, simultaneously. For those who like a thrill ride, who like the weird & wacky, this binding is going to rock your boat!

This binding puts you, temporarily, in between two worlds, dimensions, or Realms... it's your choice! You can use the binding during the day, or through your sleep. It's an incredible binding for those who like adventure, and fun.

When you are in between two places you get to see them at the same time, you get to explore them both; the entities, the background, the situations, the energies. It opens you to many experiences that you could not otherwise have. You will find the spirits in your keep can interact with you while you are in between, and through this you can see them in their various forms. When you use this binding while you are casting magick, you can cast on both of your bodies respectively (Astral & Physical, Physical & Spiritual, depending on where you're in between).



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October 01-07:
quarterly additional 50% off sale
October 03:
International Magick Day - party in Chat & Forum
all day
October 08-14:
additional 35% off sale
October 18-20:
Wild Weekend 50% off!
October 21-25:
additional 35% off sale
October 25-27-: PARASTOCK (Details in newsletter)
October 25-31-:
Halloween Celebration Sale (Discount a secret, details in newsletter)

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Make sure to check out the links to the right regarding all the contests we're hosting in honor of Parastock & Halloween.  We are giving away more than $10,000 in prizes, so make sure you participate & claim some for your own!

Parastock Attendees
Make sure you scroll down to see all the sales, special offers, giveaways, etc that are being offered by all the sellers participating in Parastock!

We have provided links to their Facebook pages, and links to their shops with coupon codes if they are offering sales/discounts!

If there are any sellers you'd like to see at Parastock that aren't in the list, invite them to come along!  The more the merrier!

It's going to be a wild & crazy weekend!  See the details below.

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Parastock Weekend is EPIC!
Crazy Sale all weekend long!
50%-70% Off
Discount changes at random every 1-4 hours
Crazy Sale starts at 12:01am Friday!

You will find the beautiful & bizarre, the weird & wonderful, the impressive & the astounding...


Our Annual Parastock event is back this year!

Join us the weekend before Halloween for 3 days, 24 hours each day, of socializing, learning, & fun!

We will be inviting as many sellers as we can find, just like last year, so you will be able to meet & greet with those interested in the paranormal, from all over the world, in the single largest online expo for Spirit Keeping & the Paranormal!

Visit our official Facebook Page for Parastock, give us a like & share the event!

Confirmed sellers attending/sponsoring:

Visit their Facebook pages, visit their shops, they'll love the support for their hard work!

A New Golden Dawn
*Is having a 50% off sale with an extra 10% coupon for newsletter subscribers and repeat customers. Special coupon code for Parastock only of 15%, code is PS15 . It will be good for Parastock only and can be used in place of the 10% codes.  Shop Here

Annika Rogue
* Is offering 25% off your order in her Artfire shoppe Parastock weekend! 
Use coupon code: parastock

Baphomet Dawn

Black Forest Magick
*Is offering a 10% off sale on his website with an extra 10% off coupon for Parastock. Coupon code is PARA10

Blue Dogstar

Dolphin Wings

Parastock sale is 20% off all custom conjures at: 


There is a giveaway for anyone who shops during that weekend, and they will receive a custom conjure body binding

Donaria Blackthorn

Dove Macob

Coupon on Etsy - parastock - for 25% off, expires 10/31

Coupon on Artfire  - parastock - for 25% off, expires 10/31

Coupon on Bestparanormalsellers - parastock25 - for 25% off expires 11/9

Coupon on bonanza - parastock - 25% off no expiry 


Estrella Magick
* They have a sale on in their shop the entire month!  Estrella Magick

Haunted Forest Bounty
* Free amulet with custom wand purchase during Parastock

Holly & Hazel
*Buy one get one free on all spell castings purchased when the customer messages me the word parastock after making their purchase ... Also 10% off all purchases when customer uses the code word parastock at check out



Lady Danu

Lilith's Lair

Magick from the Mysts
*Any spell purchased during Parastock will come with a free single card reading. All items in the store except tarot spreads will be 20% off.
Mystic Emporia

Mystic Treasures
*Is offering a sale during Parastock
She offers special items in a category on A New Golden Dawn's website:
She is offering a 50% off sale and coupon code PS15 as well.

MysticStar Ellen
*Is offering a sale in her shop all Parastock weekend!  Shop here

Rebecca Moondancer
*Is offering all who come and chat in their room during Parastock the right to submit a list of their wishes to them for the universe and they will include them in their spell casting ceremony on the 31st for free!!!
They will also be doing a drawing for a free spell cast vortex pendant, and giving out discount certificates for their website.  Make sure you visit them in chat!

Relics and Runes

Roots of Good & Evil

At Parastock, they invite you to: 


Enter their metaphysical Lottery for a Grand Prize valued at $650 USD 


Introduce yourself at the event in their chat room and receive a lifetime privilege promo code for 10% off any purchases made through their website, 


*During Parastock we will be having contests, giveaways and educational seminars.  Use the coupon code PARASTOCK to save $30 on any order at our store, valid until October 31st.



*Is offering a coupon code PARASTOCK for 30% off $100 from the 26th october at and 30% off my webstore
(I will need to re-invoice after 30%)

Any purchases made on webstore enters into free prize for Samhain enchanted item to the value of $150 prize draw name given on the 1st November.

Variable Magick
*Is offering a special discount during Parastock 

20% OFF with the code: HALLOWEEN

It's going to be even bigger & better than last year!

Stay tuned for more details!

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Our Forum started in 2005, with 10 members!  It was the only Spirit Keeping Forum at the time, and it certainly had humbled beginnings.  We did not use any social site that had existing members to create our Forum, everyone who helped build the Forum did so because they found it, and they were meant to be there!

It has grown, on its own, through people finding it, over the last 8 years, to the single most trafficked Spirit Keeping Forum on the internet.

The Forum remains an incredible resource for people  who are beginning on their journey, or people who are already well on their way! 

The single, largest Encyclopedia offered online for Spirit Keeping, Paranormal Collecting, and Magick Enthusiasts, you can browse over 1,000 articles!

The most viewed articles:


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The newest articles:
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2 White Ghost-Decorated Cookies (1 oz each)
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Brand new, white iPad mini, 16GB! The new black Apple iPad mini gives you all the features of an iPad but in a slightly smaller form. With a 7.9-inch LED-backlit display and an A5 chip, the iPad mini 16GB delivers a beautiful screen with a fast and fluid performance.

$250 GC to Shop

All layaways paid off in the month of October will receive a beautiful, natural gemstone pendulum which has been imbued with enchantments to bring you closer to your Spiritual Body & Energy, to Awaken Your Third Eye, to help you with Lucid Dreaming & Astral Travel, and to help you to be more in tune with your Greatest Path of Destiny! We have hundreds of styles & gemstones.

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