A Job Well Done!

To the Members of the YPD,
Last month, the Yale Bulldogs were playing Princeton at the Yale Bowl. During that game, a spectator went into cardiac arrest. Sergeant Martinez and Officer Swiantek, who where at the scene, quickly notified EMT's that were on site, and the individual was treated immediately for his condition.
The patient was quickly transported to the hospital and was able to regain consciousness several days later.  Per a family member, he is doing "pretty good" at this stage in his recovery.  The family attributes their loved one's recovery to the "quick response" from the EMT team and that happened with the initial notification by the on-scene officers who  recognized the
Officer Swiantek and Sergeant Martinez
medical emergency and got the EMT's involved.
During medical emergencies, time is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted; seconds count.  In this instance, everyone played a part in assisting this individual in his fight for life. This response, once again, proves that life is valuable and precious and worth protecting and fighting for.
Thank you Sergeant Martinez and Officer Swiantek, for doing your job so well!

Ronnell Higgins, Director of Yale Public Safety and Chief of Yale Police