Recent Promotions
Dear Members of Yale PD,

Please join me in congratulating Captain Von Narcisse and Sergeant Thomas Nguyen-Phuoc on their recent promotions.  Last week we had a small ceremony at YPD headquarters, it was attended by many YPD officers, Yale Security staff, family and friends.

Captain Narcisse started at the YPD in October 2007 as an officer and has risen steadily through the ranks during his career here.  In December 2008, he became a Sergeant and four years later, in 2012, he became a Lieutenant.  Von is now Captain of Community Patrol and Emergency Services.

Sergeant Nguyen-Phuoc started at the YPD in March 2007 as an officer fresh out of the police academy. He is from New Haven and knows the community well, working on many outreach programs. In his new position, Tom will be working the midnight shift. 

I look forward to working with both of them, and I know you will too. 

Ronnell A. Higgins 
Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Yale University