YourPastLives Newsletter - Equinox Edition 
Channeling is the process of receiving and relaying information from an entity with whom the channeler reaches a compatible vibrational level. 

 This is done while in an altered state of consciousness,

which can vary from a deep trance to a meditation-like state.  

"How do you do that?" I've been asked.  "Very well," is my usual response.


But, seriously, if you can accept that everyone and everything has a unique vibrational frequency, channeling is a matter of tuning into a particular frequency as you might tune into a particular TV or radio station.  Of course, it takes training, practice and considerable energy to be able to tune into these higher or spiritual vibrations.

I do it because I believe there is a great value to channeled information...


Each of us has a spark of the Divine and each of us has a contract with the Creator to utilize that spark for the co-creation of this planet and the universe.


The "problem" is we come into this life with a blank slate and need to discover our sense of the Divine, uncover our contract and, then, begin to fulfill it.


Religions...i.e., "ways of life"...are meant to put us on track with these needs.


The trouble is that many of these tend to be exclusive rather than inclusive and, often, cause conflict rather than the cohesiveness, which, I believe, is the purpose of civilization. 


Contact with the Source through the mediators between Creator and this dimension can provide the necessary information one needs to live a life of fulfillment...the sense of joy and bliss that comes with fulfillment of one's's purpose.


Angel Channeling allows for this direct contact for teaching and healing.


While, initially, charged to be a voice for Archangel Michael, I, now, channel over 150 angelic entities.  My process is to allow them to decide who wishes to bring teaching and healing energy to a particular client through me. 


My clients leave with a greater sense of purpose and the steps needed to attain their goals.  What's more, they have ongoing access to the guides, who will nurture their path.

See my website for updates on fees for 2013.

Brian Porzak

22 Grove Street, Suite 5E
New York, New York 10014




In addition to sessions in my Manhattan location,
I am, now, offering sessions in Negativity Clearing, Channeling and Past Life Regression at AwakeningNY, a beautiful, new wellness center/spa at 607 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn...718-349-1380. 
I'm offering a free yoga class with Yoga Master Steven Prestianni to those who come to Greenpoint.