What are Angels?

YPL Newsletter - Taurus Edition 
I'll start with a warning that the following information, in part or in whole, may challenge what you have, previously, been led to believe about Angels.  However, I assure you it is accurate and is what I have been asked to relate to you.


What our ancestors in pre and early history called gods, we now call Angels. 


Angels are vast energetic structures...entities of vibrational frequencies above and beyond the range of molecular composition.  They exist in a dimension outside of ours, though their energies were released by Creator concurrently with the "big bang" as we have come to term it. 


The idea of "release" is essential to understanding Angels.  It implies having freedom; freedom to comprehend and interpret Creator's essential idea of creation.


The abilities to comprehend and interpret also mean Angels have intelligence and free will.  What's more, their intelligence and free will indicate that Angels have personalities as unique as their individual frequencies. 


So, in essence, Angels are a lot like us...just more expansive and unbound by our molecular density.


On the other hand, Angels do not have a sex per se, but are dual in nature, equally comprised of both masculine and feminine energies.  However, we tend to know them by either the name of their masculine energy as in the case of Michael and Gabriel or by the name of their feminine energy as in the case of the so misunderstood Jehovah and Allah.


The mythic "war of the heavens" among these vast energetic structures centers on    Light vs. Darkness...those Angels who wish to remain the sole creations in a dark universe versus those who wish to let the Light unfold and shine on our lower dimension of creation, the one bound by time and space. 


The Angels of the Light wish to nurture an evolution that will, ultimately, develop more such higher frequencies, i.e., more beings like themselves.  In other words, the war is between those who want to share all of creation and those who do not.


So, how does this relate to Earth and you, specifically?


Both the Light Angels and the Dark Angels influence evolution or the lack thereof in every aspect of life from the weather to Wall Street...literally. 


Also, at various times and in various cultures, both Light and Dark Angels have incarnated to raise human evolutionary knowledge and/or understanding to new plateaus or to try and destroy human progress.   For instance, Light Angels were what anthropologists and archaeologists call "the missing link," moving our species forward into full  humanity as the initial "Adam & Eve."  And, High Light Angels have come onto our plane as Buddha, Christ and da Vinci while Dark Angels have incarnated as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and others of their ilk.   


As each of us tries to evolve...hopefully, in the spirit of the Light Angels..., it is important to remember their concept of sharing and to, therefore, help in bringing everyone in our spheres of influence to an understanding of the messages brought by Angels of the Light, as well as to the realization the Angels, who govern the various aspects of daily life, are here to help us, whenever properly called upon.


If you have any questions with regard to the above, please let me know and I'll do my best to clarify.


Brian Porzak

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