Dear YWCA Toronto Supporter,

It is finally happening. Consultations on the Government of Canada's Strategy Against Gender-Based Violence are currently underway. This strategy is the result of years of advocacy from the violence against women sector, activists, survivors and passionate Canadians. Now we must ensure that the federal government gets it absolutely right.
Here is where you come inStatus of Women Canada has launched an online survey to solicit feedback from Canadians and inform the development of this strategy. Join YWCA Toronto in advocating for policies and financial resources that help women escape and recover from violence as well as address its root causes.
To quote Phyllis, a survivor and advocate for ending violence against women:

"We need a comprehensive, national strategy to eliminate violence against women that sets national standards for prevention, ensures adequate funding for support services and enacts crucial social policies, such as access to safe, affordable housing and child care."
Please take 10 minutes to complete the online survey  by Wednesday, 
August 31, 2016. Send this email to 10+ of your family members, friends, networks and ask them to participate as well. Use your Facebook or Twitter to boost the signal.
This is a rare opportunity to help shape the federal government's strategy to end gender-based violence. Now is the time for action.

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