June 2017
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Do you know what to look for when donating to your favorite charity?
by Robin Tolan, Development Director

Have you ever wondered about where the money goes after you've donated to your favorite charity?  It's a good question to ask, and before making a donation, it may be a good idea to do a little research to ensure that the organization you are donating to is fiscally responsible and is up-to-date with their 990s and other financial information.  Here are a few suggestions on how to research your favorite organizations:
  • View the organization's website to review their financials or their annual report, which shows income and expenses.
  • You can request a copy of their 501( c )(3) letter or a W-9 form. Visiting allows donors the ability to ensure an organization does have a non-profit status.  The 990s tab on the Guidestar website allows viewers to see important financial information for the organization - including compensation of Executive Directors and Development Directors.  You can also look for charities on the IRS website:
  • Ask the organization what kind of oversight they have.  Do they have a committee that reports to the Board of Directors who oversees all finances?  What kind of checks and balances do they have in place to help protect against fraud?  A sound non-profit likely has an annual auditing procedure in place and is happy to answer any questions you may have. (Read More)
"I originally became involved with YouthZone because of former Director, Debbie Wilde.  I continue to financially support YouthZone because they are a professionally managed, fiscally responsible non-profit that provides essential services to local youth."

--Ted Edmonds, Board Member and Longtime Donor
YouthZone Receives Colorado Juvenile Restorative Justice Council Grant

YouthZone recently received $100,000 from the Colorado Juvenile Restorative Justice Council to fund direct referrals from law enforcement and schools.  This funding will help us divert local youth from the the juvenile justice system.  Through restorative justice practices, victims have a voice, harm to victims and the community can be repaired and offenders have an opportunity for learning and to reduce collateral consequences. Restorative justice practices provide options for school and justice system professionals to offer a satisfying and cost effective justice experience to victims, the community and offenders.  We are hoping to find a match for the grant!
The Diemoz Family Pays it Forward

Recently, Lavonne and Floyd Diemoz received a $100 bill from an anonymous person who wanted to make restitution for damage they did to the Diemoz's property as a "panicked teenager" when trying to turn their car around in the dark of the night.  Touched by the gesture to right a wrong - Mr. and Mrs. Diemoz paid it forward by making a $400 donation to YouthZone!  This may be one of the more interesting donations YouthZone has received - click here to read the letter from the apologizing former teen and the letter we received from Mr. and Mrs. Diemoz.
Mistake in Alpine Bank Newsletter

A heartfelt apology goes out to Charlene Collett and the Collett family.  In Alpine Bank's recent Newsletter, they kindly paid tribute to the Colletts for their efforts in creating YouthZone in 1976.  Unfortunately, a mistake was made in the information we provided Alpine Bank and Bud Collett's name was listed as Bob.

Bud and Charlene Collett are near and dear to our hearts, and we regret this unfortunate mistake and meant in no way to disrespect the late Bud Collett, who was an amazing father, husband, and community member.
"Bill Sanderson with Alpine Bank was leaving the board of directors when he approached me to take his spot, and I've been involved with YouthZone since.  Having sat on the board, I was able to see first-hand the positive impact that YZ plays in our community by giving kids and their families the resources that they need to work through the difficulties that they face.  I also love that YZ keeps kids out of the justice system and gives them a path that is proven to be so effective in keeping them out of trouble in the future.  Those are just a couple of reasons why my wife, Christy, and I continue to contribute."

--Steve Nilsson, Former Board Member and Longtime Donor
Recent Donors and Supporters

Thank you to City of Glenwood Springs for their recent contribution of $17,000 to YouthZone!