Quarter 3 2017 CHIP Update
The Yamhill County health community has come together for some great work, these past months! Below you will find a summary of the work accomplished in Quarter 3, which spanned from July 1st, 2017 to September 31st, 2017.

Thank you to all stakeholder organizations and individuals who continue to do this pivotal work! We at Yamhill CCO greatly appreciate the work you are doing to improve the health of the community. Please take a look below, at some of the great work being done in our community:
Goal 1: Chronic Conditions
  • Yamhill County Health and Human Services developed and implemented a referral form and feedback loop to connect members with significant mental health challenges and chronic conditions to the appropriate services.

  • SNACK (Student Nutrition and Activity Clinic for Kids) facilitated cooking workshops where participating families built a healthy meal from scratch for a very low price. These workshops have been funded through August 2018 by Hurst Berry Farm, who is also providing fresh berries to families who attend.

  • YCCO's Community Health Worker (CHW) team continues to offer Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) classes, in both English and Spanish languages.

  • YCCO's Early Learning Hub held three focus group sessions with a total of 20 community partners to discuss the current work happening in the county around trauma. Partners shared gaps in services and education, and provided feedback to guide future trauma initiatives.
Goal 2: Oral Health
  • YCCO offered a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event, focused on First Tooth training. 16 community providers attended.

  • Through our data warehouse, YCCO are now able to determine which members have had dental sealants during the year, and through coordination with Capitol Dental Care, strategies have been put in place to closely monitor this process, moving forward.

  • SNACK, YCCO and other community partners have been working together to plan the upcoming Toothtastic event in McMinnville. The early 2018 event will feature an increased focus on offering Dental Sealants to the adolescent population of Yamhill County.
Goal 3:  Capacity of Primary Care Providers (PCP) and Medicaid Enrollment
  • A recruiter has been brought into Yamhill County, and is currently meeting with local partners to determine the hiring needs of the area.

  • Geographical gap analysis for rural areas is ongoing.

  • YCCO continued to promote its services by sharing information and materials at community events, including: Beyond Backpacks, Dayton Grade School's kindergarten transition camp event, as well as open house night, and Virginia Garcia's health resource fair.

  • Local provider groups have partnered with YCCO to pilot projects around wrap-around care for high needs members, including a project focused on cancer patient care.
Goal 4: Behavioral Health
  • Yamhill CCO's Early Learning Hub has been hosting a series of focus groups to discuss trauma-informed care with cross-sector partners. During Q3 three were completed. YCCO has also held two Community Café events to provide a platform for individuals who have experienced trauma (or who care for those who have) to interface with cross-sector providers to discuss trauma-informed care in our community.

  • YCCO is utilizing and providing technical assistance to providers for integration software platform, to better communicate patient needs to appropriate providers within the community. Further work is underway to develop complex care initiative using this platform.

  • Champion Team participated in training local law enforcement, on how to work successfully with adults who have mental illness, in a way that reduces stigma, and is trauma informed.
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