2016-2017 YEAR IN REVIEW
in case you missed it!
Foundation Funds Counter Terrorism Conference 

Every year, the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward funds a counter terrorism conference for the Intelligence Unit of Region 7 of the Domestic Security Task Force. These conferences are an essencial step in the coordination  of counter intelligence resources for the prevention of, and effective response to terrorist acts in South Florida.  
Foundation Purchases Night Vision Goggles 

The Foundation recently purchased 41 dual night vision goggles for BSO SWAT. These devices will enhance the effectiveness and safety of those in the first line of defense.  
Foundation Purchases Rappelling Gear

The Sheriff's Foundation recently purchased forty EXO Rappelling systems for the entire BSO SWAT Team. These individual rappelling systems provide state-of-the-art handling and have a a self-braking system for quickly giving slack, controlling and stopping a descent, and limiting the force transmitted to the user in case of a fall. The open directional point serves as a rope guide during descent, while allowing the rope to be removed to facilitate short rope ascents. EXO also includes a rope that resists wear and high temperatures, an Am'D connector with CAPTIV positioning bar, as well as a bag for transporting and attaching the system directly to the harness.
Foundation Purchases Hand-Held Bomb X-Ray Device For Bomb Squad

The Sheriff's Foundation recently purchased a hand-held bomb x-ray device for BSO Bomb Squad. This device would allow first responders to quickly and safely confront and contain the potential dangers of hidden explosives. 
Foundation Secures $160,000 Appropriation To Purchase Rapid Response Vehicle For Bomb Squad

The Sheriff's Foundation for the first time since its creation engaged the legislature in supporting its domestic defense mission. Thanks to the pro bono work of Ron Book and Rana Brown, of Ronald L. Book, P.A., the Sheriff's Foundation secured a $160,000 appropriation to purchase a much-needed Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) for the Bomb Squad Team. This vehicle would allow first responders to quickly maneuver traffic and safely confront and contain the potential dangers of explosive threats. 
Foundation Board Members with Chief Ljames at a recent training session underwritten by the Sheriff's Foundation.
Foundation Funds Training On Contemporary Issues Facing Today's Law Enforcement 

In July 2016 over 100 BSO personnel attended Chief Ljames' training on community relations. Chief Ljames, an internationally recognized expert on use of force issues, provides insight on the mistakes made by other jurisdictions and offers suggestions on how not to repeat those mistakes.
Foundation Funds Rappelling Training On Recently Donated EXO Rappelling System 

In addition to the purchase of new rappelling gear, the Sheriff's Foundation also funded training on the use of said equipment. Training is an integral part of any donation since the proper use of new equipment enhances the capabilities of our first responder. 
Foundation Funds Force Science Basics Course

In May 2017 over 100 law enforcement personnel from 18 police departments in South Florida attended training on the use of force. This course explored the true nature of suspect provocation and officer response (action-reaction dynamics). 
Crime Prevention 
In 2016-17 Foundation Funds 13 Operation Medicine Cabinet/Shred-A-Thon Events Through Broward County  

The Sheriff's Foundation in partnership with BSO funded 13 monthly prescription medication free disposal events combined with free shredding events in the fiscal year 2016-2017 across Broward County to promote the safe disposal of unused, unwanted or expired medications and to safely dispose personal documents, check stubs, credit card offers, receipts and any other material that might contain sensitive information.  
Foundation Donates $7k To Women In Distress  

The Sheriff's Foundation funded this Education & Crime Prevention program to support domestic violence survivors in Broward County. Women In Distress provides tools to domestic violence survivors including therapy, advocacy and support groups.
Foundation Donates $5k To HANDY 

The Sheriff's Foundation partnered with HANDY and raised $5k for HANDY during this year's Sheriff's Cup Golf Tournament. HANDY serves more than 1,200 at-risk children through comprehensive programs that focus on education, youth development and economic self-sufficiency. 
Foundation Donates $5k To Unity 4 Teens After-School Program 
Unity 4 Teens (U4T) is a year-round before/after-school and summer youth development program that helps youth attain academic and social success. U4T partners with six Title I, Broward County, public schools serving 620 at-risk youth, ages 9-11, underperforming academically and residing in high crime areas. The U4T program engages youth at-risk of school failure, pregnancy, substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco, and marihuana), gang involvement, truancy, aggression, antisocial behavior, crime, violence, and other negative outcomes, by providing best practice preventive services, education, and case management.
Foundation Donates $5k To Prestige Club's Anti-Bullying Program  

The Sheriff's Foundation funded Hoot Camp Jr. for Anti-Bullying to educate small children in kindergarten about the dangers of bullying. This program features interaction between kids, Oopsey the Clown and Hooty Owl.
Foundation Donates $5k To Scholastic Chess Crime Prevention Initiative  

The Sheriff's Foundation has partnered with the Broward Education Foundation and the National Scholastic Chess Foundation to expand chess education across Broward County. Chess is a great tool for developing thinking skills and crime prevention.  Our support funded training for mentors and the showing of  the movie "Life of a King" followed by a question and answer session with Mr. Eugene Brown, the real hero behind the movie.
Over 5,000 Teens Participate In Just Drive Teen DUI Prevention Campaigns in 2016-17
Presented by

The Sheriff's Foundation, in collaboration with Macy's, is proud to again fund BSO Fire Rescue and Emergency Services' Just Drive Teen DUI Prevention Campaign for 2016-2017 featuring presentations by Renee Napier, of the Meagan Napier Foundation, and Eric Smallridge, the DUI driver who killed Renee's 20 year-old daughter.  In October 2016, Napier's heart-braking story touched the hearts of over 2,500 High School students in Broward County public schools and includes Meagan Napier's wrecked vehicle. Another 2,500 students will experience the presentations in May 2017.

To see pictures of the events, Click Here
Just Drive Teen DUI Prevention Campaign

      Video of Just Drive Presentation

                      (5 minutes) 

Video of Shopping With The Sheriff
(2 minutes)
2016 Shopping With The Sheriff 

On December 13, 2016, one hundred students from across Broward County had the amazing opportunity to shop with Sheriff Israel. All deserving students were selected by their School Resource Officers (SRO's) and received a $100 gift card to spend at their pleasure. We applaud the academic and personal achievements of all the students and congratulate their SRO's for their commitment to the community they serve. The Sheriff's Foundation is proud to fund this amazing event which strengthens the bond between our youth and law enforcement. Happy Holidays! 

To see pictures of the event, Click Here
Foundation Sponsors 2017 Walk Like MADD 

The Sheriff's Foundation for a second year sponsored the Fort Lauderdale Walk Like MADD awareness and crime prevention event. Over 2,000 attendees help raised a record $300,000 to fight drunk and distracted driving in Broward County. Congratulations to Foundation Board Members Heather Geronemus and Jim Robertson for their leadership in this event! 
Civic Education 
Sheriff's Foundation Classroom Event: Fire Rescue First Aid Training Exercise    

In October 2016, 100 Girl Scouts attended a First Aid training session to earn their First Aid Badges. Special thanks to BSO Fire Rescue for teaching life-saving skills and for bringing their vehicles and equipment!     

To see pictures of the event, Click Here
First Aid Training Video (2 minutes)
First Aid Training Video (2 minutes)  

Sheriff's Foundation Academy Event: Forensic Artist Interactive Demonstration    

In November 2016, HANDY youth, Girl Scouts, Foundation Sponsors, and Board Members
attended an interactive educational  session with Captain Fernando Gajate, BSO's forensic artist.   
Sheriff's Foundation Academy & Classroom Event: K-9 Training Exercise
More than 200 youth from HANDY, Girl Scouts, Foundation Annual Sponsors, Foundation Annual Members, and board members experienced two live BSO K-9 Unit training session.  
K-9 Training Event

Video of K-9 Training Event

(2 minutes)

Sheriff's Foundation Classroom Event: 911 Tour and Tour of the Sunrise Police Headquarters 
90 Girl Scouts, Foundation Annual Sponsors, Foundation Annual Members, and board members experienced a tour of the 991 Call Center and the Sunrise Police Headquarters. 
Sheriff's Foundation Classroom Event: DUI Demonstration & Graduation Class 2 
Girl Scouts, Foundation Annual Sponsors, Foundation Annual Members, and board members experienced live demonstrations by the BSO DUI Task Force. We also celebrated the graduation of Class 2 of the Sheriff's Foundation Classroom. Congratulations! 
For more pictures of the event, click here
Video DUI Demonstration & Graduation Class 2 (2 minutes)

Video DUI Demonstration & Graduation Class 2 (2 minutes)


Graduation Class 2 Sheriff's Foundation Classroom
Honors & Awards
Sheriff's Foundation Recognizes Outstanding Fire Rescue Cadets  

The Sheriff's Foundation was happy to sponsor two awards presented to outstanding fire rescue cadets at their first Awards Night. Happy to support our future First Responders!    
Sheriff's Foundation Recognizes BSO Employees Of The Year At Sheriff's Briefing Event
Detective Mattia
Deputy Graham
Fire Rescue Sieb

Civilian Mize

In January 2017 four amazing public servants were recognized for their outstanding Service: Mattia (Law Enforcement), Graham (Dept. of Detention), Sieb (Fire Rescue), and Mize (Civilian).     
Sheriff's Foundation Celebrates 
Correction Officers Week 

In May 2017 the Sheriff's Foundation recognized the great service of our BSO Dept. of Corrections deputies with a friendly bowling tournament and talent show against Dade County and Palm Beach correction officers.To see pictures of the event, Click Here
Napier Foundation Awarded The Sheriff's Foundation Medallion 

The Sheriff's Foundation Medallion is awarded by the Foundation's Board of Directors to recognize an individual's contribution to the mission of the Foundation. Renee Napier and Eric Smallridge of the Napier Foundation were recognized for their presentations to thousands of teenagers in Broward as part of the Just Drive Teen DUI Prevention Campaign.   
BSO Deputies Connors and Olarte Awarded The Sheriff's Foundation Medallion 

BSO Bomb Squad Deputies Rob Connors and Daniel Olarte were awarded the Sheriff's Foundation Medallion for conducting a Bomb Squad demonstration for 150 students as part of the Sheriff's Foundation Classroom in May 2016.    
BSO Sgt. Michael Natiello Awarded The Sheriff's Foundation Medallion 

Sgt. Natiello was recognized for his continued support to Sheriff's Foundation activities including the Shopping With The Sheriff annual event.    
Video 6th Annual Sheriff's Cup (2 minutes)
Video 6th Annual Sheriff's Cup (2 minutes)
6th Annual Sheriff's Cup Golf Tournament Raises Over $100k


The Sheriff's Foundation raised a record $100,000 at the 6th Annual Sheriff's Cup Golf Tournament. The tournament serves to strengthen camaraderie among agency employees while engaging in friendly competition all for the benefit of our crime-prevention initiatives.

To see pictures of the event, Click Here
Foundation Sponsors' Reception
Underwritten by:

On November 15, 2016 Sheriff Israel personally recognized the contributions of the annual sponsors of the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County. The event was hosted and underwritten by Lamborghini of Broward.

To see pictures of the event, Click Here
City Of Deerfield Donates $47,000 To Fallen Heores Fund 

The City of Deerfield recognized the sacrifice of BSO's First Responders by donating the proceeds of their 2016 Golf Tournament to the Sheriff's Foundation's Fallen Heroes Fund. What an amazing gift to the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice! 
70 Players Battle-Out At Foundation's Inaugural Paintball Tournament  

On December 4, 2016 eight teams battled-out at the Inaugural Paintball Tournament to benefit First Responders. Participants included corporate sponsors, HANDY youth, board members and SWAT deputies.  For more pictures of the event, click here
Inaugural Paintball Tournament (2 minutes)
Video Inaugural Paintball Tournament (2 minutes)

BSO Colonel  Alvin Pollock and Chairman JC Arias with ADT's Bob Tucker at the FAU First Responders Game in October 2016.
ADT Donates $10k to the Sheriff's Foundation 

ADT, in partnership with FAU, celebrated "First Responders Day" at the FAU vs. Marshal football game on Saturday, October 8, 2016 in Boca. ADT presented a $10,000 donation to the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward and the Sheriff's Foundation of Palm Beach. This is the fourth year in a row that ADT has made contributions to both foundations at an FAU game in front of thousands of fans, and has become one of ADT's most favorite annual traditions.

Patrick Kerney Recognized As 2016-2017 Board Member Of The Year 

Congratulations to board member Patrick Kerney for his generosity and outstanding service in the Sheriff's Foundation Board of Directors.













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