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At Ultima, we are a member-focused club. We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience! Or perhaps you just want to leave a compliment about one of the staff or something we're doing well.
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A Note from the Owner's

Dear Members and Guests,

Our theme for November is Performance which, by definition, is fairly straight forward - the ability to perform. However, in the world and in our club, performance has a variety of interpretations.  We have just about every kind of elite performer here at Ultima from world-class athletes to business people and caretakers.  While our training regimens may differ, we are all working to improve our bodies for whatever performance we undertake in our daily lives. ..   Read More

The Breakdown of Sports Performance
Are you the type of person who participates in sports based upon athletic performance and measured achievement, or are you the recreational athlete who joins the team to stay active and be social?  The societal impact of sports in American communities today is huge.   With sports being defined as everything from fitness sports and outdoor sports to winter sports and racquet sports, with participation rates including ages 6 and above, over 62% of people surveyed participated.  . ... Read More

By Lynette Laufenberg, CPT 
Healthy tips with 
Courtney Minors

November's Featured Member
Jillian Rodriguez

My name is Jillian Rodriguez and I am a 29 year old mom of two young children. 
After gaining 55 lbs with my last pregnancy I knew something had to change. Not only was I unhappy with my weight gain I was physically in pain. After touring a few different gyms, my husband and I came to the conclusion that Ultima just seemed right for our family. 
We have two young girls and the employees in the kid care as well as the rest of the staff have just been beyond amazing with them! I am a stay at home mom and my children, prior to joining Ultima, had never been away from me...Read More