The Wild Salmon Season is Winding Down, but Samuels is Still Bringing in the Best Coho Salmon from Alaska. We Have Whole Fish for $6.99/lb and Fillets for $10.99/lb. Check Out Our Variety of Whole Fish including Japanese Suzuki and Rhode Island Porgies. Change Things Up a Bit with Chilean Sea Bass Cheeks, Italian Octopus, & More!

September 19th- FEATURED ITEM
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Wild Alaska Coho Salmon
6-10 lb Fish

Whole Fish: $6.99/lb
Skin on Fillet:  $10.99/lb

Local New Jersey Yellowfin Tuna
2+ Loins, 10 lb Avg:  $10.95/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative"
Thunnus albacares
Wild, USA Atlantic
Pelagic Longline
Skin off Fillets: $4.50/lb
Yellow "Good Alternative" 
Pollachius virens
Wild, USA
Bottom Trawl
Black Sea Bass
4-6 Oz Sk/On Fillets: $14.99/lb
Green "Best Choice" 
Centropristis striata
Wild, USA
Pot Trap Caught


Petite Italian Octopus
Fresh Pulpo
Wild Caught

Tonight's Price: $8.99/lb

Caught Off Maine
Fresh Fillets

Tonight's Price: $8.49/lb

Stone Bass
Raised Off Greece
Skin On Fillets

Tonight's Price: $14.95/lb
Nordic Flounder
Wild Caught Off Iceland
4 Oz + Fillets

Tonight's Price: $9.99/lb

Fresh Turbot
Imported from Spain
6-8 Oz Skin On Fillets
Tonight's Price: $12.99/lb
Japanese Suzuki
Sashimi Quality
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Canterbury Cure
Smoked Salmon
3-4 lb Sides, Always Fresh

Tonight's Price: $16.99/lb
porgie all size
Italian Gurnard
Wild Caught
Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Fresh Rouget
Wild Caught Off Italy
Whole Fish
Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Caught Off Rhode Island
Large Whole Fish

Tonight's Price: $2.99/lb
Fresh Claw Crabmeat

Tonight's Price: $13.90/lb
Chilean Sea Bass Cheeks
Scallop Like Flavor
3-6 per lb
Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Spanish Mackerel
Caught Off the Carolinas
Fresh Fillets

Tonight's Price: $6.99/lb
Wild Caught
Fresh Loins

Tonight's Price: $8.95/lb
Chowder Fish
House Cut
Fresh 5 lb Unit
Tonight's Price: $0.49/lb
Oyster of the Evening
Wild Chesapeake Oysters
From Virginia

Tonight's Price: $0.50/ea
Panko Breadcrumbs
Japanese Style
35 lb Bag
Tonight's Price: $24.99/bag
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Foraged from Romania
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $16.49/lb
Dried Plums
Grown in Spain
11 lb Case

Tonight's Price:  $19.00/cs

Lobster Mushrooms
Foraged from Pacific NW
3 lb Unit

Tonight's Price: $15.99/lb
Yuzu Fruit Tray
Japanese Citrus Fruit
Make Your Own Yuzu Juice!

Tonight's Price: $6.59/tray
Black Garlic
Sweet & Savory
Molasses Texture

Tonight's Price: $21.99/lb

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 Samuels Presents...

Verlasso Salmon Whole Fish
Harmoniously Raised
Monterey Bay "Good Alternative"
8 lb and Up Whole Fish

On Sale for All September: $5.99/lb

Verlasso Salmon Fillets
Sustainable Menu Item
Buttery, Clean Flavor
Premium Cut Skin On Fillets
On Sale for All September: $8.99/lb

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