February 16, 2018
 1st of Adar, 5778 

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    Parshat Terumah
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Contrasting Colors

Colors can serve as very powerful symbols, as they did in two significant ways this past week in school. Over the course of the glorious Color War, students wearing four different colors learned about the four parshiot connected to the shabbatot before Purim and Pesach.

Color War was fantastic, with students contributing in rich and varied ways. Some students excelled academically, some artistically, some athletically, and all with so much creativity, while wearing their team colors.
On Wednesday, we were shocked by the horrific shootings in Parkland. Students immediately responded with great concern and empathy. I found it particularly moving that our student body expressed its solidarity with the students of Stoneman Douglas High School by wearing their school color of red to school on Thursday.

The joy and excitement of the colorful shirts during color war gave way to the sadness of the red shirts we wore as we mourned those precious students in Parkland.
I am proud of our students for the way that they have carried themselves throughout. May Hashem comfort those who grieve and may we all have the strength to care for those who need our help.
Thank you to the Highlites staff for another stellar edition.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
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Feb. 19 
President's Day - No Classes
Good and Welfare
Josh ('06) and Shaina Goldberg on the birth of their daughter, Lili.
Alec Feintuch ('13) to Katie Levy ('13) . KYHS's 12th couple!
Guy Ben-Hanan ('15) to Izzy Miller from Minnesota.
Dr. Jonathan Cutler on the passing of his beloved father, Mr. Paul Cutler.
4 Teams, 4 Parshiot
The Four Parshiot Leading Up to Purim Serves as Theme for Color War
Graphic by Daniel Gross ('19)
The Amazing Race 
Teams Work Together, Perform Outrageous Tasks and Athletic Feats During Elaborate Relay Race

Graphic by Noa Markovitz ('19)
New Additions
Students Revel in Color War Versions of Hot Trends
Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19) and Shmuel Gross ('19)
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Graphic by Daniel Gross ('19) and Shmuel Gross ('19)
Community of Nations
14 Students Head to Connecticut to Participate in Yeshiva University's 27th Annual Model United Nations
Graphic by Sydney Freedman ('20) 
Article by Adina Hirsch ('19)
Over the past few months, 15 delegates on the Model UN team, along with the guidance of faculty advisor Mr. Ohring, worked diligently in preparation for the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN) conference. Each delegate from KYHS was assigned a committee and the task of representing either Morocco or the UK.
This past Sunday students traveled to Stamford, Connecticut for 48 hours filled with intense debate and "YUNFUN"! KYHS delegates joined hundreds of other delegates from other schools all across the
US, Canada, and even Brazil, as well as Yeshiva University and Stern students who served as the chairs of each committee. Each delegate had an opportunity to strategize and create resolutions to challenges that the United Nations faces today. Students strengthened their public speaking skills, learned how to collaborate with others and, most importantly, developed everlasting friendships and memories while mimicking the function of the United Nations. Yakirah Rosen exclaimed, "the Model UN club and YUNMUN have taught me valuable lessons and skills in public speaking, debate, compromise, and research. I genuinely enjoyed preparing for YUNMUN with my team and then debating and working together with other Jewish students like me from across the nation to resolve issues."
The YUNMUN experience has further contributed to students' involvement in the larger global world, allowing students to recognize the multifaceted complexity of current issues, while building leadership and knowledge of diplomacy. Thank you to Mr. Ohring for all his hard work and dedication throughout this entire year in preparation for this conference, and to Mrs. Shira Englander for working out all the logistics and ensuring that we had an amazing YUNMUN experience. They both are great advisors and the entire team is appreciative of all their hard work. YUNMUN 2018 was truly a success.
Maintaining Faith
Esther Wachsman, Mother of Slain IDF Solider Nachshon Wachsman, Shares Her Heart-Wrenching and Inspiring Story  
Graphic by Shmuel Gross ('19)
Article by Lexi Cohen ('19)
A couple of Mondays ago, we had the privilege of hearing from Esther Wachsman, the mother of Nachshon Wachsman, who was captured by Arab terrorists in 1994 and subsequently killed during a raid to rescue him. Introducing her, Rabbi Kroll described Mrs. Wachsman's story as, "one of grief and inspiration."
    Mrs. Wachsman is the child of holocaust survivors. She grew up in New York, and after getting her BA, she transferred to Hebrew University of Miami. She davened every day, and in her prayers she always wished to return to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem. Since she realized that she was only a plane ticket away from fulfilling this dream, she went alone to Israel. In Israel, she got married and had seven sons. Her first two sons were in the Golani Brigade. Nachshon went into a special elite force, achieving his rank through sheer willpower. One Motzei Shabbat, Nachshon got a phone call; he had been chosen to go up north for one day for a unique course to operate a special piece of machinery used by Golani. However, he didn't come home on Sunday night. Mrs. Wachsman was not taken seriously by authorities, but she knew that something was gravely wrong, explaining, "If he didn't call, it was only because he could not call." He was not heard from at all on Monday, either.
On Tuesday, Mrs. Wachsman received a phone call and footage from an Israeli television network. The footage revealed Nachshon, tied to a chair, bound hand and foot with a red and white scarf around his face and a gun at his temple. He had been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Unfortunately, the video stated that he would be executed on Friday if the demands of his captors were not met. His captors demanded the release and return of their religious leader and 209 convicted prisoners. But the Israeli government wouldn't negotiate with terrorists or yield to blackmail. Though utterly devastated with the knowledge that she would never see her son again, Mrs. Wachsman prevailed. She received a deluge of kindness and sympathy; over 100,000 letters were sent to her. Twenty four hours before the ultimatum, a prayer vigil was held at the kotel, followed by more all around the world. The people who came were a complete mixture of Israeli society, side by side, swaying and praying for Nachshon. Mrs. Wachsman described the atmosphere as one of unity and solidarity, the strength of which was unprecedented.
Mrs. Wachsman concluded her speech with an eloquent and powerful message for the students and staff of KYHS,  "My mission is to keep his memory alive. There is no word in hebrew for history. The only word that comes close is zachor . Remember....our fallen soldiers. I often quote the first chief rabbi of Israel, who said, 'I do not speak because I have the strength to speak. I speak because I do not have the strength to remain silent.' Rav Soloveitchik makes a very clear distinction between fate and destiny. We can not control our fate. But we can choose how we cope with what we have given. You can choose to be victims of fate or initiators of our destiny. Think of your meaning in life. Your possible mission. Your responsibility. How you respond to your fellow man. Sympathy, empathy, caring , love. Partners with me, in my destiny. And go forward even when you are tested. Sometimes things we think are bad are not necessarily so. This is God's realm. Strength to go on. To love god, despite everything."
Praying for Parkland
Students assemble to recite Tehilim, Dresses in Red in Support for the Victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting
Article by Meital Fixler ('19)
Students, devastated and distraught over the tragedy that occurred Wednesday afternoon at Stoneman Douglas High School, came to school Thursday morning wearing red, Douglas's school color, to show support for the victims of the school shooting. Being that the attack occurred right "in our backyard," the tragedy hit students hard, leaving us emotional and saddened for the remainder of the week.
However, the unity and support our school showed was remarkable and unprecedented, as students gathered for a special assembly and said Tehilim for the victims. Following the tragedy, conversations in the hallways and in classes revolved around helping each other feel safe and secure in our school environment.
Rabbi Kroll addressed all of the students on Thursday morning, reassuring us that our safety is the school's number one priority and increased security will be instituted on campus. As we stand in solidarity, we are deeply impacted by this tragic event. May Hashem be with the families of the victims and protect us all.

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