December 1, 2017
 13th of Kislev, 5778 

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    Parshat Vayishlach
Candle Lighting at 5:10 PM
From the Ashes  
Yaakov fights with a mysterious man in the middle of the night. They struggle for hours until right before dawn, when Yaakov demands a blessing before releasing the assailant from his grip. The mysterious man abides and blesses Yaakov. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks points out that Yaakov's focus on the blessing at the time of his struggle, " ... is how he rescues hope from catastrophe - as Jews have always done. Their darkest nights have always been preludes to their most creative dawns."  
Struggles can be opportunities for blessings and growth. In modern Hebrew, the word "mashber" means crisis. In biblical Hebrew, a "mashber" is a birthing stool. Indeed, crises can serve as opportunities for rebirth and growth. May we all derive inspiration from Yaakov and transform our struggles into blessings as night gives way to dawn.  
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
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Mazel Tov
Rabbi Mordechai Hodkin ('04) on receiving his smicha from Yeshiva Chafetz Chaim

Yaakov ('04) and Shoshana Turk ('04) on the birth of their son, Avraham Zev.

Jordana Lasko ('15) to Allan Fries from Woodmere, NY
Kelley Tripp ('13) to Joseph Nitzani from Great Neck.

Faculty Mazel Tovs
Rabbi Rael and Aliza Blumenthal on the birth of their daughter, Temima Rivka

Mrs. Gail Gold on the loss of her beloved mother, Mrs. Shonna Abramson.

Locked-In Living
Freshman Enjoy a Night of Fun and Games at KYHS Over Shabbat

Graphic by Justin Isaacs ('19)
Article by Ariella Gross ('21)
Two Saturday nights ago, the freshman class had an overnight lock-in at the school. The whole class, along with many other KYHS students and staff, watched the JV basketball team vs. faculty basketball game. This was followed by the perfect melava malka and engaging activities such as karaoke, an ice cream truck, board games, and more. Freshmen had a great opportunity to get to know others and bond as a grade. The freshmen class will look back on this wonderful experience forever.
Taking It Outside the Classroom
 Students Face-off Against Faculty in Epic Basketball Game
Graphic by Yosef Lindzer ('18)
Article by Aleksandra Shapiro ('21)

The boys jv basketball team rivaled the Kyhs staff and teachers a couple of weeks ago. It was exciting, and a very fun game to watch with a large percentage of the student body and parents watching to support their friends and children. The game ended with a victory for the staff, but everyone had an amazing and fun time nevertheless.
Sara's Scoop
Does Matter Matter?
Graphic by Highlites Staff
Article by Sara Deichman ('19)

Each and every year, upon my return home from hours of Black Friday shopping, I say, "I saved so much money!" In response, my uncle corrects, "Actually, you didn't save anything." The truth is - he's right. At the end of the day, I spent money by shopping no matter how discounted the items were. Black Friday is still a crazed phenomenon in which Americans crowd shops and malls, searching for the best of the best deals. While Black Friday is a seasonal activity, it is ultimately a day spent searching for materialism. Thanksgiving is a day on which we are thankful for what we do have, but immediately after, we as a nation, accumulate that which we do not have. So the impending question is: How much does human happiness stem from materialistic goods?
Humans innately move towards buying popular items. It is not an understatement to say that over 50% of the student body owns white shoes. No, everyone does not have the same sense of style, but everyone does have eyes. The reason many consumers rush to shop on Black Friday is due to a fear of missing out. As much as we would like to deny it, we are a nation of followers, simply due to human nature. It is not to say one cannot draw their own conclusions and pursue their own ideas, however, the human mind sees comfort and stability in that which others do.
Perhaps owning materialistic goods does not make one happy, but compliments certainly do. Buying popular items generates compliments from others and that is where the desire comes from. It is human nature to appreciate flattery, so humans try to receive it. Buying a popular item certainly warrants that other people will like it as well. It is evident that the majority of one's desire for materialistic goods stems from a desire to be complemented. How much does matter matter to you?
Cycling to the Rescue
Eli Beer, Founder of United Hatzalah, Speaks to Seniors About Founding Hatzalah and his Ambucycles
Graphic by Shaina Fein ('20)
Article by Eli Litwin ('18)

            In 2015 alone, 3,477 people were killed in distraction-related crashes. With 8% of those involved being teens in high school, according to NHTSA, it is incumbent upon today's teens to learn about how distracted driving impacts judgement and what the massive dangers are related to it. This week, KYHS brought in the "Arrive Alive" team to educate students about the dangers of distracted driving. Students were encouraged to climb into the driver's seat of a stationary car, grip the wheel, and get a taste of what distracted driving really feels like. With a pair of virtual reality glasses, students were able to pick one of two settings: texting while driving or drunk driving. Students then "drove" down a virtual highway, navigating virtual obstacles like traffic, pedestrians, and trees alongside the road. The virtual reality did the trick, and students were easily able to understand and appreciate how hard it truly is to control a car while one is either drunk or texting. Thank you to Arrive Alive and KYHS for giving students the opportunity to recognize the true dangers of distracted driving. This event certainly made students more aware in an engaging and hands-on fashion. Below is a link to an article in the Jewish News showing Mr. Beer in action:

Saying No to Negativity
Dr. Aliza Septimus Speaks to Junior Girls on Sefer Bamidbar and How to Overcome Negativity

Graphic by Liora Mayer ('20)
Article by Adina Hirsch ('19)

This year the junior girls are learning Sefer Bamidbar in their chumash classes; the story of the Jews in the desert. Throughout the Jews' journey in the desert they are constantly complaining about the מן, Israel, and all mitzvot required for them to keep. The question always arises how the Jews can possibly complain so much to Hashem who has performed countless miracles for them. To answer this question, Thursday morning, Dr. Aliza Septimus came to speak to the junior girls about how our brains are wired to focus on negativity. She explained that after the traumatic experience in Mitzraim, the Jews were constantly filled with fear and anxiety, searching for the negatives in their lives. It is now easy to apply this message to our lives. While our brains are negatively biased due to human nature's survival instinct, to scan for the bad, Dr. Septimus gave us possible methods for focusing on the positives in life and pushing ourselves towards a better way of thought. Dr. Septimus not only helped us understand the Jews' struggle in the desert, but also how to combat our negative train of thought.

The Israelis Are Coming!
KYHS Welcomes Israeli Speakers to Educate Students on Israel
Graphic by Daniel Gross ('19)
Article by Al Dimont ('20)

             Last week, a group of Israelis participating in the Generations of Israel program came to KYHS to teach students about Israel during Hebrew classes. Through fun and games, students learned all about Israel, ranging from the government and army service to the plethora of innovations that began in Israel, including the mobile phone and the drip irrigation system. The students loved getting a direct view of Israel through its citizens as Danielle Dahan ('20) remarked, "I really think I learned a lot from the Israelis who came in. I especially enjoyed learning from someone who lived there." Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about Israel that were relevant to them, a true learning experience.
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