October 20, 2017

30 Tishrei 5778

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    Parshat Noach
Candle Lighting at 6:30 PM
Best of Both Worlds
One approach in a famous midrash views Noach negatively. Even though the Torah describes him as being righteous, the midrash explains that Noach was only considered righteous relative to the wickedness of his generation. The great Chasidic master, Rav Yaakov Yosef of Polnoye, offers a startling insight. Although describing Noach as ״את האלוקים התהלך נח״, walking with God, appears complimentary, in truth the phrase is used pejoratively. Noach walked with God exclusively but not with his fellow man. At the time of the flood, Noach was concerned with fulfilling God's instructions for building the ark and saving his family, but was unconcerned with those around him. In order to be considered truly righteous, one must walk with God and with man; he must be a man of spirit and of empathy.  

Earlier this week, we were privileged to have Governor Rick Scott visit our school. We are grateful to the governor's leadership and his commitment to ensuring that all schools in Florida are able to keep their students safe and secure.  I was also glad to highlight to our students the importance of being politically aware and active, so that we can walk with God and with man making our world a more perfect place.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll
Head of School
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Mon. Oct 23
Freshman Class Outing

Wed. Oct 25
Early Dismissal
PSAT Exam for 9th -11th Grade
Parent Teacher Conferences Senior pictures
Good and Welfare 
Avi ('07) and Orah Lasko on the birth of their son, Jacob Marc.

Aryeh Genet ('08) to Raquel Wildes from Englewood, NJ.
Daniella Lieberman ('10) to David Neifled from London, England.
Jordan Stauber ('15) to Jordyn Katz from Ft. Lauderdale.

Elie Genet ('11) to Dani Folkman

Dr. David Dresner on the passing of his beloved father, Mr. Alfred Dresner.
Dr. Stuart Lefkowitz on the passing of his beloved mother, Mrs. Pearl Lefkowitz.

Dr. Adam, Ezra ('15), Yona ('16), Akiva('18) and Tova ('21) Splaver on the passing of their beloved wife and mother, Mrs. Shaani Splaver.

Dr. Jeffrey Wolkowicz on the passing of his beloved father, Mr. Alexander Wolkowicz.

Rabbi Moshe Nachbar, Judaic Studies Faculty Member, on the passing of his beloved father, Mr. Joel Nachbar.

Welcoming the Governor
Governor Scott visits KYHS to promote new security budget for Jewish schools
Graphic by Highlites Staff
Article by Eli Litwin ('18)
This past Monday, KYHS was privileged to welcome Governor Rick Scott to its campus. Upon arrival at school, the governor was greeted by Rabbi Kroll, Mrs. Kanner, as well as the entire senior class. Following his exchanges with the KYHS faculty, he shook each student's hand as well as posed for a photo-op with the senior class.

Earlier that morning, Governor Scott had visited the neighboring Katz Hillel Day School and addressed the institution on his plan to bolster his efforts to protect students who attend Jewish day schools. The governor announced his 2018-2019 budget proposed one million dollars in security funding for Jewish day schools. The funding would be availed to all Jewish day schools in order to help improve their security.

Thank you Governor Scott for your visit and your efforts on assisting the safety and security of our students and faculty!
Battle of the Booths
KYHS Students Put Their Creativity & Halachic Knowledge to the Test 
Graphic by Highlites Staff
Scattered Sukkot
Kyhs Students Spread Far & Wide to Celebrate Sukkot
Graphic by Justin Isaacs ('19) and Akiva Groman ('19)
The Colleges Are Coming!
Colleges including Columbia, Technion, and Others Visit KYHS
Graphic by Sydney Freedman ('20)
Flag Football
Flag Football Ends With a Successful Season
Graphic by Noa Berman ('19) and Noa Markovitz ('19)
Interview by Max Wiederhorn ('18)

Max Wiederhorn: Dzag, congratulations on a successful season with the flag football team.
David Zagury: Thank you

MW: What was your highlight of the season?
DZ: My highlight of the season has to be winning our playoff game and competing in the championship.

MW: What was going through your mind as that final whistle blew and the season was over?
DZ: I was so proud of the team for working hard and never giving up even when we had a tough loss. The team played every game with intensity until the final whistle blew.

MW: Wow, that's great. As a captain, what advice do you have for next season's team?
DZ: Teamwork is key in a successful team, It is not about how one player performs it is how the team plays together. I know the team will keep fighting and never give up. I have faith that the team will always strive for greatness and will succeed and become champions in the near future. To all the new and returning players, keep the storm coming.

MW: Beautiful message. As to you as a player, who do you model your game after?
DZ: My greatest inspiration in football would have to be Odell Beckham Jr.

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