September 15 , 2017

24 Elul 5777

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  Parshat Nitzavim-Vayeilech
Candle Lighting at 7:07 PM
A Song of the Heart  
The Torah refers to itself in this week's parsha as a " shira ," a song.  There are sections of the Torah which include song, but it's mostly prose. What is the significance of referring to the Torah as a song?

There are specific rules about the way in which a scribe writes the songs in the Torah as opposed to the prose. The prose sections are written with only as much blank space as necessary to separate between each word. In the " shira " sections of the Torah however, for each phrase of song, the scribe leaves double the amount of blank space. Why?

Rav Ahron Soloveitchik points out that, "divine prose is perceived through observation and deductive and inductive reasoning in accordance with the wisdom of the mind; divine poetry however which contains blank space double that of the written space, stems from and is to be perceived intuitively through the logic of the heart." By referring to the Torah as " shira " we are meant to understand that the Torah is supposed to permeate our character, our heart; it is not limited to performance of mitzvot but must also be character building. The Torah should permeate those blank spaces of our lives and should serve as a song that guides the way our heart intuits and feels.

Thank you to everyone in the broader community who banded together during the challenges posed by Irma. The generosity of spirit, guided by a logic of the heart, helped so many of our community members in this time of need. Thank you to everyone who opened their homes to guests and for all of the donations that everyone is providing for those in Florida who continue to suffer from the damage of Irma. May we all merit a happy healthy and safe new year.

Shabbat Shalom,  
Ketiva V'chatima Tovah.
Rabbi Jonathan Kroll 
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Sept. 20-22
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Meet the teacher night 
Good and Welfare 
Zevi Litwin ('13) to Alexandra Rubin

Mr. Mitch Phillips on the passing of his beloved father, Oscar Phillips.
Mr. Avi Litwin on the passing of his beloved mother, Joan Litwin.

Cities Of Refuge
Where KYHS Students Fled from the Wrath of Irma

Graphic by Mayrav Saketkhou ('20)
Graphic by Meital Fixler ('19)

      As Hurricane Irma rapidly approached South Florida, students and staff were preparing their homes for potential devastation. Thanks to the organization and effort of Tani Loskove and Rabbi Shabtai, students were able to help members of the community get ready for the storm before Shabbat. The turnout was remarkable, truly showing the kindhearted values KYHS students hold. After being informed that school would be cancelled Thursday and Friday of last week, students were glad to have a mental health break, but realized they would be missing out on valuable daily learning. Thanks to our generous teachers, students and parents were able to tune into Facebook live and listen to the fascinating classes offered while awaiting the storm. On Wednesday, the hallways were filled with joy, relief, and students eager to share their hurricane experiences with one another. We are all incredibly grateful for the minimal damage that occurred.
Below are videos created by the Junior Film class documenting their Hurricane Irma experience. Enjoy!
Music & Moshpits with Eitan Katz
Students Kumzitz with Famous Musician Eitan Katz
Graphic by Daniel Gross ('19)

Which Teacher Are You?
Take the Quiz to Find Out Which New Teacher You Really Are
Graphic by Highlites Staff
Club and Committee Fair
Students Learn More About  
Co-Curricular Opportunities at KYHS

Graphic by Noa Berman ('19) anda Akiva Splaver ('20)
Article by Jacqueline Zimmerman ('19)
     Last Tuesday, students and faculty members participated in the annual KYHS Club and Committee Fair. In contrast to previous years, the fair was held in a large open area in our beautiful new building's rotunda. The rotunda was filled with posters announcing many unique club and committee options to choose from! The fair gave each and every student at KYHS an opportunity to get involved in co-curricular activities and to thrive beyond the academic aspects of school. There are many new student-initiated clubs this year such as "Storm Spirit," "Cooking Club," and "Legally Informed;" while pre-existing clubs continue to offer the student body an exciting variety of opportunities. The fair was the perfect entrance for students into the multitude of clubs at KYHS, catering to all different interests.
A Brand New Torah For A Brand New Building
Welcoming the Newest Member of the KYHS Family

Graphic by Sydney Freedman ('20) and Liora Mayer ('20)
Article by Eli Litwin ('18)

         At the end of an amazing first few days of school, the week was topped off with a truly inspiring, meaningful, and exciting event: the Tripp Family Sefer Torah Dedication. The Torah was dedicated in memory of both Rabbi Sidney Shoham and Mr. Leon Tripp; both lived in Montreal, Quebec and served as great community leaders as well as role models. The entire school gathered in our wonderful, brand new Beit Midrash to celebrate the momentous occasion. The event kicked off with a short thought from Mrs. Kanner, followed by the speeches of Jonah Tripp ('18) and Mrs. Tripp. Jonah delivered a meaningful message about how each individual is compared to a letter of Torah, with a unique mission to inspire and light up others. Following the formal speeches of the ceremony, music began to play and the brand new Sefer Torah was danced into the Beit Midrash. The amount of ruach and joy that pervaded the room was immeasurable. After singing and dancing, everyone gathered in front of the stage to sing "EtzChaimHee" as the Torah was placed into the Aron Kodesh.  After the event there were Dunkin Donuts for all students, courtesy of the Tripp family. The event was truly amazing and the perfect way to end a great first week of school. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Tripp for providing the KYHS student body with a new Sefer Torah!!!
Remembering 911 
Graphic by Akiva Stadlan ('19)
Blood Drive For Harvey 
Graphic by Noa Markovitz ('19) and Liora Mayer ('20) 


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