40 Day Challenge



It's been a CRAZY morning... 

ok so here's the latest news -


The Arrowhead studio is closed due to a plumbing issue in and around the shower, toilet and prop room - there's a backflow situation in the drainpipe that needs to be addressed immediately by our landlords and ourselves to make sure the problem is taken care of. The technicians will need a few days to solve this and are asking for our patience and understanding since it's a long weekend.


Now... to work our way around this situation we came up with the following modified schedule for tonight -


Friday Jan 18 -

Delene's 4:30 Flow and Restore & 6:00pm Restorative classes will be held at NP studio along with the regular 4:30 Flow class with Donny AND the Nutrition Workshop at 7:30pm


keep your eyes open as we post the weekend schedule later today


In my name and all the Blissful teachers and staff we truly appreciate your patience and wish you a blessed evening





it's time to feel good!


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